This is just the first step

Date of event: 
Sunday, 6. October 2013

Endless Kazakh steppe is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists of different times and genres. People in Venice were able to feel the amazing atmosphere of our land through the works of modern artists from Kazakhstan during the traditional Biennale.

Exhibition of contemporary art from Kazakhstan was opened in the historic palazzo Bragadin in Venice, during the traditional Biennale. Under the curatorship of Indira Dyusebaeva, arts critic and adviser on fine arts with Artist Pension Trust Fund in London, and Dina Baytassova, art director and scene designer, to the public were presented works of Galim Madanov, Zauresh Terekbay, Said Atabekov, and Gaisha Madanova.

Curators of the first exhibition “One step/pe forward” took as basis associations about endless Kazakh steppe, inspiring artists with its controversial content. The authors presented their works in different media: photography, installation and video. Creative works of Kazakhstani artists caused a sincere and friendly interest among critics and art lovers.

While introducing the project the newly created IADA (International Art Development Association) came forward with the initiative to create National Kazakhstan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015. Kazakhstan national pavilion at such large-scale exhibition as the Venice Biennale will provide with the opportunity to form a new platform for artistic advancement of the country and take its place in the international cultural community.

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