Ilyin Is a Four-Time World Champion!

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Saturday, 8. November 2014 to Sunday, 16. November 2014

In Almaty from 8th to 16th of November in the Palace of Sports named after Baluan Sholak the World Weightlifting Championships was carried out. Athletes of Kazakhstan ranked third in team overall medal standings. The national team has got three gold and two silver medals.

The winners of the home World Championship, which was the starting stage of the selection process for the Olympic Games-2016, are Zulfiya Chinshanlo, (weight category up to 53 kilograms), Zhasulan Kydyrbayev (up to 94 kilograms) and Iliya Ilyin (up to 105 kilograms). Zhazira Zhapparkul (up to 69 kilograms) and Vladimir Sedov (up to 94 kilograms) have got the silver medals.

Without doubt, a fantastic result of the illustrious Kazakhstan’s athlete Iliya Ilyin can be considered as the main victory of the Championship. He became a four-time world champion! In the maiden try in the snatch I. Ilyin lifted a barbell weighting 183 kg, for the second time he was able to lift a barbell weighting 187 kg, in the third round he has overmastered a barbell weighting 190 kg.

The Kazakhstan’s athlete performed the first jerk with a weight of 233 kg, the second attempt I. Ilyin didn’t succeed in lifting a barbell weighting 239 kg. After the third attempt Iliya lifted a barbell weighting 242 kg, and thereby he has broken the world record.

Iliya Ilyin’s snatch, clean and jerk combination score was 432 kg (190 +242).

The President Nursultan Nazarbayev was the first to congratulate Ilya Ilyin on his victory. In a telephone conversation with the Head of State, the athlete said: "Hello, Mr. President, your task is solved!”

Ilya himself then told:

– The President was very pleased with my victory. He asked me how I was able to break the world record. I told him everything in detail – that to win I had to lift a barbell with weight exceeding the world record. The President told me that we need to meet, to talk. To tell you the truth, this is my long-held dream to speak with the President, to get to learn his personality. He thanked me for running up the flag of Kazakhstan and capturing gold. Thanks to the President, today my team and me give medals and joy to all Kazakhstan people.

The champion also explained that he passed into the 105 kg weight in order to perform in this category until the end of his competitive career. At the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro he also will perform in 105 kg category.

– We'll see, things happen, - the athlete noted philosophically, - Perhaps, I will be back in 94 kg and maybe will go to +105 kg. This will depend on how my body reacts. If the weight and the result together will work out well, then this is one variant, but it also happens when plus weight doesn't show any improvement in the result.

By numerous journalists’ requests, Iliya also touched on the most "trendy" healthy eating topic.

- Now, I’m making an experiment looking, what effect will it have. I've been a vegetarian these two years, although I love meat and I have nothing against meat eaters. My sports point of view is "Vegetarianism will help me!". The digestion of meat is a complicated process that takes a lot of energy and affects the work-out process. In order to honourably compete in Rio, I have to remove from the diet 80% of what I ate before. For breakfast I have vegetables, fruits, herbs, sugar, proteins. Proteins became my dish. Amino acids, sprouted grains. We have already involved physicians to this system, we’ll work, we'll see whether it works or not, and whether I can, being a vegetarian, win the World Championship. My coaches are not sceptical, but they are concerned about this.

For reference.

Ilyin Iliya Aleksandrovich. Was born in Kyzylorda on May 24, 1988.

In December, 2001, at the Kazakhstan Weightlifting Championship in Semipalatinsk, he got a special prize "The Youngest Participant."

In spring of 2005, just before his seventeenth anniversary, Ilyin won the World Junior Championship.

On November 15, 2005, in Doha, capital of Qatar, in the category up to 85 kg (the largest in the Championship – there were more than 30 eligible athletes), Ilya snatched 170 kg in the second attempt and failed with 173 kg in the third, and was only the seventh in snatch.

His coaches paid special attention to "clean and jerk", since it is Iliya’s "favourite technique", and they did not regret, Iliya has made three attempts – 205, 211 and 216 kg – and set a world record. And his snatch, clean and jerk combination score was 386 kg, which made up another world record. Iliya was the youngest participant in the 85 kg category. He was recognized as the best weightlifter of the Championship-2005.

In May, 2006, in China, Ilyin became the world champion among juniors.

In the same year in Santo Domingo, he became the world champion in the 94 kg category.

In December, 2006, Iliya won the Asian Games in Qatar, with the total score of 401 kg (175 +226) in 94 kg category.

In 2007, Iliya did not participate in any tournaments preparing for the Beijing Olympic Games-2008. At the Games he won the gold medal with 180 kg in snatch and 226 kg in clean and jerk.

After winning the Beijing Olympics, Iliya made a pause in training and suspended competitions due to physical exhaustion and trauma of the spine.

In 2009, Ilyin resumed training and in 2010 he again marched on platform becoming the champion of Kazakhstan and the champion of the Asian Games.

Champion of Kazakhstan-2011.

At the World Championship in 2011 in Paris Iliya Ilyin became a three-time world champion with the total score of 407 kg (181 +226).

In 2012 in London, the athlete became two-time Olympic champion with the total score of 418 kg (185 +233) and achieved the world absolute record in the two-lifts combined. In addition, this result became the new world record in clean and jerk.

In November 2014, I. Ilyin became a four-time world champion.

Honoured master of sports of Kazakhstan, Iliya is decorated with Kurmet and Barys orders for the successful performances. For winning at the Olympics in London he has received Otan order.

He is married and has a daughter, Milana.

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