Ilham awards ceremony

Date of event: 
Saturday, 30. March 2013

Seeing the full house of the Republic Palace when Ilham, the social award ceremony, is being held here, you understand how important it is for the society to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of its compatriots.

The names of people who were coming upon the stage are surely well-known, but applauds in their honour in this bright day of April were more ambitious and sincere. Because Ilham award is an exclusive opportunity for people to express their gratitude to creative individuals, doing their best for the sake of our present and future.

Consistency and solidity of the Patrons Club under the Republic Association of Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs and Agricultural Producers, which has held this event for twelve successive years, also deserves its own nomination. When many similar initiatives have been cut short, Ilham gets more and more prestigious and grand.


This year Patrons Award distinguished itself with the greater scale and the increased number of submitted applications for participation. Special traditional prizes were also given, and their winners became the live legends of our country. So, for her priceless contribution to the development of culture and art Bibigul Tuelegenova, the people’s artiste of Kazakhstan, was awarded.


Just the fact that one can see so many celebrities at once in a single day makes all the participants of the event eyewitnesses of the country’s history  - and the house was filled with the feeling of festival. One couldn’t but pay attention to many young people there, with bright inquiring eyes. They will surely remember their meeting with Olzhas Suleimenov, the renowned poet, diplomat, permanent resident of Kazakhstan in UNESCO – this wonderful person became the winner of the first prize in the nomination For his invaluable contribution to the peace-building, interethnic and interreligious concord. Or with the Olympic champion Serik Sapiyev, the true hero of our time. Thus, Inspiration, as the name of this award is translated from Kazakh, beneficially influences the next generation of our compatriots, too.

Laureates of different years were artistes of different nationalities and different occupations. These were academician Abdu Ali Kaidarov, politician Dariga Nazarbayeva, writer Akhmatzhan Ashirov, historian Bakytzhan Zhumagulov, USSR people’s artiste Assanali Ashimov, people’s artistes Roza Rymbaeva and Murat Akhmadiyev, and many others.

And among the Ilham laureates of the current year there are composer Ablakzhan Mashayev, National Academy of Education President and professor Alma Abylkassymova, head of Nava musical ensemble Niyazdzhan Tursunov, writer and Chairman of Board of Karaturuk Public Association Aut Massimov, and others. Two more years will pass, and Ilham will disclose new glorious names to us.

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