Ideas of harmony never grow old

Date of event: 
Friday, 18. October 2013

The ancient ideas of Tengriism are alive and keep on uniting people – that is the simple but good conclusion that can be drawn following the festive event Tengri: the kaleidoscope of cultures, which took place in Hollywood at the beginning of October.

The evening Tengri: the kaleidoscope of cultures was organized by the Honorary Consulate RK in Los Angeles with the assistance of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. General consulates of Hungary and Bulgaria were the partners. The participants of the event noted with pleasure the topicality of Tengri culture that calls up to live in harmony with nature, to honour ancestors’ memory, and to apply to their wisdom more often.

As it was emphasized by Gaukhar Nurtas, the representative of the Honorary Consulate RK in Los Angeles, this event was the continuation of the festival Kazakhstan: the kaleidoscope of movies, which was held in Hollywood in 2012 and had big success. Guests of the Tengri evening were shown The Country that Have Chosen Life – the documentary by the motion-picture director Berik Barysbekov. The Consulate of Hungary also demonstrated the documentary called Kuraltay – about Turkic peoples’ festival, organized by Andras Biro, Doctor of Anthropology, who visited Kazakhstan several times.

There were many celebrities among guests: Mark Dacascos, actor, Carlo Siliotto, composer (Kazakhstanis are well-acquainted with them through the film Nomad: The Warrior), Daniel Pollack, pianist, and others. The event was ornamented with folk music and national cuisines of Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Hungary.

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