Festive Shymkent Will Be Filled With French Wine....

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Thursday, 20. November 2014

The New Wine Festival, still not very known in Kazakhstan, was launched with the words of Oleg Mityaev’s song: “Festive Paris will be filled up with French wine...”, performed by the famous Kazakhstani bard  Alexander Hubert. And Shymkent citizens and guests for the first time met “Beaujolais Nouveau” – a nice curtsey from France, which already caught the fancy in more than 140 countries around the world.

Traditionally, in November  France hosts the large-scale celebrations, devoted to the new wine - Beaujolais Nouveau. Celebration in honour of the red wine, made of Gamay grape in Beaujolais region is one of the most anticipated autumn events. Under the French law, this wine cannot be sold before the third Thursday of November.

From the beginning, the festival was celebrated only in the cafés and pubs in Beaujolais, but over time it took the fancy of wine lovers all over the world. This year, it was held, as always, under the slogan "Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé" ("Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived").

This traditional slogan created by the contemporary French artist Ben Vautier is known for its white letters on a black background. As if they are written by chalk on a slateboard, they symbolize meeting between the old and the new. Now, this slogan has found way to Shymkent as well, because the festival was a success and was to everyone's taste.

First, the wine itself brought from the heart of France was light and astonishing. Music programme of Phonograph group was elaborated while also brilliantly improvised. A cyclus of popular French songs was prepared and stunningly performed by Kulyash Seidalieva specially for  "Beaujolais Nouveau" event. Other music play in the style of a French party was independently resulted from presence of a lot of creative and quite entertaining persons among the invited guests. The famous Shymkent's author song performers – Takhir Uzdenov, Nikolai Zverev, Kenes Ismailov, Mars Sadykov, Vladimir Privalov- appeared on the stage.

The guitars sounded great and the French party representatives, involved in business in the South Kazakhstan performed familiar French hits. The atmosphere was relaxed, warm and natural. The guests learned from the invited sommelier about flavouring qualities of Beaujolais wines, and they tasted a jewel of French cuisine –the famous raclette.

Competitions and quizzes attracted many people. In short, there was pleasure for the soul and this particular cultural experience had a very friendly atmosphere. This event was organized by the French Centre of Shymkent.

Photographer: Andrei Donets 

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