Aesthetic gourmandize

Date of event: 
Friday, 28. March 2014

The realism in painting remains actual always that useful time was confirmed by the exhibition which has taken place in Almaty.

Such solid exhibition is challenging to arrange because level of mastery of all artists should be approximately equal and composition should look like one piece. Gallery “K.ART.INA” conducted an extensive work to present in Almaty paintings and drawings of the famous artists-realists from St. Petersburg school, and invited for its opening Nikolai Blokhin, perhaps, the most successful today Russian painter. It is clear that guests were happy to talk with the famous artist.

At the opening of the exhibition “Contemporary Realism. Repin Academy of Fine Arts” in Kasteev Museum, visitors got to see a real aesthetic gourmandize since each work was marked by talent and mastery. Particular attention got canvases where Russian artists painted Kazakhstani landscapes. Viewers were really impressed by the works beamed with the light. And thanks God that realism is again in demand today.

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