Côte d'Azur became closer

Date of event: 
Wednesday, 19. February 2014

For the first time, such serious representatives of the authorities and the business community Côte d'Azur "landed" in Kazakhstan.

Benoit Kandel, the first deputy mayor of Nice and General Counsel andof Alpes-Maritime department, Jean-Pierre Mascarell, the President of «Team Côte d'Azur», Bernard Kleynof, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Nice, Dominique Pages, honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Nice, Peter Lindholm, expert in the field of industrial parks, Audrey Pascal, Project Manager of External Relations of Metropolitan Nice, spent in our two capitals very saturated days.

In Almaty, they met with the Governor A. Yesimovand other officials. Of course they visited Medeo, Shimbulak and Kok-Tobe. But the most intense program waited guests from Nice in Astana, where they signed a Memorandum of twinning after a meeting with the Governor I.Tasmagambetov.

Since the guests of Nice visitedus just before the celebration of the “Capital Day”, they became participants of many memorable events, such as: the festival of nomadic civilization "Millenniums around Astana","Astana Opera" in Opera and Ballet Theatre; and even took a part in the grand meeting, in honor of the 15th anniversary of the capital with the participation of our president. So rich program bore fruits:many projects were scheduled, they will benefit our cities and their residents, including tourism.

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