A battle of wits

Date of event: 
Wednesday, 22. January 2014

According to SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), students of the "Nazarbayev Intellectual School" from Semey city are the best in the world in the physics-mathematical field.

This standardized test for admission to university was developed and first introduced in the U.S. in 1901. According to the developers,  the good SAT results together with high school scores are the best indicators of the preparedness of applicants for admission to the universities.

Aynur Mashpieva and Akgul Kenzhesheva were the best of more than a thousand test-takers of 175 countries. Aynur correctly answered to all of 50 questions and got the maximum score - 800 points. Her classmate also showed an excellent results, Akgul got 710 points. By the way, only ten percent of all test-takers reached a positive score.

SAT has very high demands. "Test questions are sent from the United States. They are opened only on the exam day, because test is taking place in 175 countries in the same day and hour"- said Michael Maluchi, teacher of the " Nazarbayev Intellectual School", who prepared the girls to the English-language math test.

Thanks to their diligence and preparation by experienced teachers, the students from Semey coped with this difficult task. Now, the girls have to choose a school. With these results, doors of any university in the country and abroad are open for them. Aynur, for example, won a scholarship to study at any university in the world. But at the moment, they both decided to give preference to the "Nazarbayev University in Astana."

- I want to become an engineer, as the demand for such professionals is high in our country. For now, I prefer the "Nazarbayev University". This school is one of the best in the world. I want to get an education at home and hope to contribute to national development, Ainur said. Her classmate agrees with her completely and also wants to enroll in this university.

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