Balabandia, the first circus festival

Date of event: 
Saturday, 21. September 2013

The first charity circus festival under the title Balabandia took place in Almaty. This festivous and funny event was designed to help children from social institutions of Kazakhstan adapt in society.

The enforced isolation of children from orphan asylums and disabled children has its impact on their future adult life. City festivals, which unite everybody, is one of such measures to facilitate their natural social adaptation. Initiators of this circus festival became Akimat (local administration) of Almaty and the charity fund ‘Bala Bakyty’ (which means ‘children’s happiness’).

The high-mountain children’s camp ‘Gornoye Solntse’ (the mountain sun) welcomed kids from social institutions and young artists of circus who came to participate in this event. Young circus performers from Rudnyi, Karaganda and Almaty demonstrated their best acts. The youngest girl-acrobat Zalina Volkova from Rudnyi was only 6 years old, and she represented the circus art studio ‘Drive’.

The special guests of the event were children with disabilities from social institutions of Almaty. The kids were accompanied by extraordinary volunteer guides like Smurfs, flower pixies, elves, and other characters from fairy-tales. All the images were created on the basis of competitive bidding, and the top position in this competition was taken by the stylist-beginner Margarita Chernovaya with her image of the Mad Hatter.

In the framework of the Festival there took place the Republican Power Extreme Tournament under the title ‘Strong Nomad’, which demonstrated what high results a human may achieve thanks to his will power and persistency. All the power contests had bizarre names, such as ‘Farmer’s stroll’, ‘Stones of Atlantes’, ‘Crucifix’.

This day many other events and contests took place, and every child could find something to occupy himself/herself with that he/she liked: the performances of the beauty studio ‘Izyuminka’ (a zest), dancing group ‘Deti Solntsa’ (children of the Sun), Capoeira Federation, creative workshops ‘Izumrudnyi Gorod’ (Emerald City), and many others. The Balabandia festival was concluded with the performance of flashmob dance, which was organized by the volunteers corps together with the public association ‘Flash Mob’.

This day made a great number of children smile; they do want to enjoy life, but many of them don’t have motives for it very often. And this is wonderful that the physically healthy part of the society began to adapt for the needs of people with disabilities. It will undoubtedly have its positive influence on the social health of our society in general.

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