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Thursday, 16. October 2014 to Sunday, 26. October 2014

Our Kazakhstan craftsmen once again amazed the world. The national handicraft delegation visited China at events commemorating the 50th Golden Annual of the World Handicraft Council in China.

The event was an international forum of craftsmen and competition-exhibitions of applied arts works, which was attended by representatives from 46 countries around the world.

Our delegation included winners of Kazakhstan’s Sheber Awards, which is held annually and is constantly gaining momentum. For the artisans this trip became a reward for winning, skill and talent, perseverance and respect for tradition.

Kazakh craftsmen took part in the International Conference in Donyang city, where Aizhan Bekkulova, head of the delegation, chairman of the Kazakhstan Craftsmen Union, president of the Our Heritage Public Foundation, "Madeniet Salasynyn uzdigi", a member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, vice-president of WCC-APR-Central Asia, a member of the WCC-Europe-made presentation of Kazakhstan’s crafts and described types of State support for craftsmen of the country.

10 Kazakhstan artisans, owners of the prestigious UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts, presented their works at the World Craftsman’s Fair. For example, Sergan Bashirov specializing in making unique silver, brass, bone and wood jewelleries has 4 UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts certificates. Here in the Land of the Rising Sun* he showed the Kazakh traditional and innovative jewelry technologies.

Also in Nantong an international exhibition-competition "Modern Arts and Crafts: yesterday, today, tomorrow" was held. In order to participate it, the most interesting and professional works of 370 ones of artisans and artists from 46 countries around the world including Asia, Africa, Europe, America have been selected during a year. The Central Asia was represented by 12 craftsmen.

Bolatbek and Berik Beisbekovs, Bektas Kobei from Shymkent, they are famous for various handicraft techniques – items made of bone, skin, fur, and metals.

Aman Mukazhanov brought his jewellery masterpieces from Almaty to China. By the way, in one of Chinese shops he has painted Chinese technique ink sketch. The owner of the shop amazed with his craftsmanship gave him as a present rice paper, which typically used by artists for such painting.

In General, according to Aizhan Bekkulova, works of our craftsmen sparked profound interest of foreign artisans, who finally expressed desire to participate in Sheber Awards even in 2015. And our craftsmen decided to appeal to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a package of proposals for development of handicraft trade as cultural heritage, ideology and an important part of Kazakhstan’s economy.

Photo courtesy of participants of the event

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