Folk Heroes as the Peacemakers

In epics, legends, epics of Kazakhs, Russians and other peoples of Kazakhstan there are heroes, personifying the image of the army. All of them are different, as well as their history. But our peoples have a common history and common characters that are symbols of peace on Earth.


Awesome Legends of the Tien-Shan Mountains

One can hear any chills from experienced climbers! The Black Climber, the Mountain Maid and other mysterious characters become alive during night time near a fire. The most surprising thing is that many of the legends of Zailiyskiy Alatau is not a fiction only! They are based on real facts!


Philosopher of nomadic people

History of the Kazakh ethnic group is unique because ideologist of its formation was a man, who Shokan Valihanov called a "philosopher of Kazakh nogai - nomadic people". It was the poet - narrator -bard Asan Kaigy, whose memory is preserved in the Kazakh epic legends, proverbs, stable statement...


Toreodor from Tamgaly

You can not communicate with Tamgaly being in a crowd or together with a crowd; you have to do it tête-à-tête, only so you can hold a dialogue with Eternity. However, it became practically impossible after the cult complex became a UNESCO heritage site.


The grove of dancing birches

The nature of Kazakhstan is striking not only with its diversity and primordial abundance, but also with its unique phenomenons, which arerarely occurring on the planet. One example of such a sight is the “grove of dancing birches” in the national park Borovoye, on the north side of the lake...


The animal called boranez

In spite of Kazakhstan’s success during the last decades, the far-abroad foreigners’ knowledge about our country is very meager as compared to the size of our top-ten country. So, it’s not at all surprising that “authentic news” of the Great Steppe in the past centuries was often reminiscent of...


Shopan ata: a bottomless gap in time

In such poorly adjusted for life places as Mangyshlak people are particularly stubborn, as far as their traditions are concerned; they furiously preserve and protect it. Their culture is extremely conservative, that is why cultural layers long ago forgotten by neighbours get stuck and linger in...


Borovoye as it was created by Allakh

Many people in Kazakhstan know about such mountains as Kokshe, or Sinyukha in Russian (it means ‘of blue colour’) and their pearl, Lake Borovoye. But, if you are interested in self-discovery and if you want to get to know Borovoye as it really is, try to visit it in low season, during fall or...