Museum of arts named after A. Kasteev


The largest collection of artworks of Kazakhstan is in Almaty, in the Museum of arts named after A. Kasteev. An art gallery named after Shevchenko was founded back in 1930s and received rich gifts from museums of Moscow and Leningrad, which still form the basis of Russian and West European art...


Let’s gather new exhibits for a museum!

At all times the favorite activity for South-Kazakhstan schoolchildren was not collecting a scrap metal or a paper, but looking for a treasure. The cultural life lasts here over several millenniums, so the local land is literally over filled with all kinds of a historical “waste”.


Indricotherium - "is mother to all of the beasts!"

One of the first discoveries of the remains of the mysterious monster tall as three-storey house (popularizers calculated that under his belly could pass a military convoy, six people in a row) was made on the territory of Kazakhstan. Today it lives in the Museum of Nature Academy of Sciences in...


Museum of steppe sounds


In the historical downtown of Almaty, in one of the last scraps of the old Vernyi city – the former House of Officers, there is one of the most curious museums of Kazakhstan. It is the museum of musical instruments. Everything that ever sounded in the Great Steppe and pleased the ear of its...


Hipparion, the argymak of prehistoric steppes

Especially interesting fact is that one of the centers of hipparion fauna habitat was almost the whole territory of the modern Kazakhstan hundreds years ago.