Wealth of medieval Talgar

Kazakh archeologists tried to strain Almaty age up to millennium (by conviction, not by common sense), but Talgar, a satellite town of the Southern capital, is over thousand years old already. And no one has any doubts about that. However, that Prototalgar is related to the modern one like, for...


Is Koskuduk the oldest settlement in Kazakhstan?

Koskuduk, on Mangyshlak, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting discoveries of domestic archeology in the recent decades. Actually, in scientific life, Koskuduk is not one here. Here are several of them, non contemporaneous, designated by Roman numerals I, II, III.


Saka Tutankhamun from Issyk mound

Abundance of burial mounds, which seem to be as rivets of the time, piercing our steppes here and there, defies explanation. Given the lack of other notable monuments of the history, it seems that the ancient inhabitants of these places only knew how to die, and it occurs that all foothills of...


Golden deer of eternity

I got acquainted with the gold of Saks a quarter of a century ago, during the shooting of finds from Issyk burial mound for the museum booklet. At that place I met archeologists for the first time, and since then the history of Kazakhstan became the key subject in my work.