Keeping For Next Generations...

Eight Kazakh historical and cultural monuments obtained a status of World Heritage Sites at once by the results of the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee, held from 15 to 25 of June, 2014 in Doha (Qatar).


To Where Hope, Faith and Destiny Bring

The underground mosque Beket-Ata is a holy place, which significance is in line with the burial places of Muhammed and Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Thousands of pilgrims from Kazakhstan, neighbouring countries and other countries come here daily and on some weekends their number can reach 3 thousand...


Do not get lost in the desert, follow the lighthouse!

Kazakhstan is a big country, everything is here: steppes, mountains, yurts, skyscrapers,camels,girls on "Hummers" and even purely marine monuments like lighthouses on the Caspian Sea.


Is "Red Bridge" a cousin of the Eiffel Tower?

This is one of the oldest and busiest routes on the territory of Kazakhstan and it is almost coincide with the modern highway from Shymkent to Turkestan. The route represents a glorious mishmash of cultures and eras, like any mountain path that was exploited for centuries.


Karl Marx on the Assy plateau

As it often happens, abook called on the road to the Assy plateau; work of PavelIustinovichMarikovsky,our last classic traveler,- "In the Tien Shan Mountains". "And everywhere I see a lot of mounds belonging to different times and peoples. This highland is a real necropolis of ancient times....


What is it, tower of Babel or the trace of Buddha in the mountains of Semirechye?

In our journey we usually watch closely for everything that comes into view on the both sides of the road. And almost always our attention leads to some discoveries and insights. One day I was driving to Issyk-Kul through the pass Santas on Tup. And soon after the regional center of Kegen my...


Stone warriors of Tengri

A lot of different balbals, stone sculptures, are found in the Kazakhstan steppe. They cut mainly out of coarse-grained granite or sandstone; they look as idols, milestones and road signs for travelers at the same time. What kind of meaning and memory these stones are carrying, what is their...


Hermitage in the mountain

Every year on August 11 the sounds of the Divine Liturgy in the Orthodox St. Seraphim Feognost male hermitage are filling mountains in Kyzyl Zhar tract of Trans-Ili Alatau. The lord of the local diocese traditionally holds the celebratory service. Thousands of pilgrims, including people of...


Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi

Turkestan can justifiably be called the main cult place in Kazakhstan involved in the global network of pilgrimage. With the same reverence it is visited by Kazakhs (as the ancient capital of their khans), and Central Asians (especially followers of Sufism and admirers of Ahmed Yasawi), and...


Tattooed Eurasia

Tattoo as a means of seduction, communication and rise, has not came into vogue today. Body of primitive man was entirely covered with magical symbols and signs. The first explorers of the Pacific Islands have been amazed by the scale and artistic merit of "tattoo" of Polynesians, Papuans,...


Otrar - our Troy in Syrdaria valley

Otrar-tyube, or "hill Otrar" is one of those classic "cakes", flacky clay filled with canned stories of dozen centuries; the great number of those scattered along the Syrdaria valley. The town is visible from afar, because it towers above the flat fields of Shauldersky district by twenty meters...


Our Cathedral!


This elegant building in the center of the old park is one of the main decorations of the city for more than 100 years. (Name of city was changed three times: Vernyj– Alma-Ata - Almaty during this time).


The shelter for the eternal love

The mausoleum of the two most celebrated Kazakh lovers – Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu at the river Ayaguz – is the vivid example of our “typical” cult monument.


Monument of Eternal bride

Some time ago the Great Silk Road passed near Taraz city, thousands of traders, travelers from different countries walked along the way. And today, this ancient land attracts tourists and lovers of antiques from all over the world. Travelers want to see with their own eyes one of the finest...


The Shakpak ata cave mosque

Shakpak ata, an underground mosque, is a unique place worthy of the global attention, one of the most impressive monuments of Mangystau, a peninsula at the east coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan.