My heart belongs to the romance

Love... This theme permeates the entire work of the poet, composer and author of romances – Dimzhan Sharipov. Love and its versatility – love of a mother, love for a child and, of course, the eternal theme of the romance – love to a Woman! How was developed his creative path, we talk with...


MMM - Kazakhstan Wins in Tashkent

MMM - this was how the bard’s group from Shymkent called at the international festival of art song Autumn chord held in Tashkent. They are Maksat Rysimbetov, Myrzamurat Kusherbayev and Mars Sadykov.


Great Music, Luring the Hearts

The number of children wishing to get a musical education has grown by 20% in Astana. Music education is hugely popular in the capital.


What is the use of having three lavatory pans?

On the verge of the 21st century Alexander decided to move to America and made a great number of his fans, especially women, upset. Ladies would flood the radio station, where the singer used to work, with letters and calls, accusing him of all possible things, even of simple bon vivant…


The celestial

Arman Murzagaliev is a real phenomenon. He is beyond all the bounds. Because he doesn’t simply perform on the stage. He breathes and lives his life there. And he lives there with pleasure. Orchestra musicians smile, plugged into this drive of his. He is just the one that Americans and Europeans...


Culture precedents

“And then we will be doomed to success" - said my companion, and I immediately wanted to agree with him. Yerulan Kanapyanov, has an experience of the successful realization of the planned, whether it is business or large-scale cultural projects.


A man from the world of music

Every new talent born in our country unwillingly makes us proud. Because talented people are the special gift of human nature.


Full house in Meiningen

The opera ‘Abay’, which was represented this autumn on one of the best stages in the world, musical critics compare as to its beauty and richness of the musical material to Wagner’s opera ‘Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg’.