Diploma for Ballet ...

The world of ballet is a separate space, existing according its own strict rules. The teacher of famous Bulat Ayukhanov tells us how the ballet education exists in present. Natalia Goncharova, known in Ukraine, Russia, the Northern Caucasus, worked in France, Italy and Iraq. Later she was...


Why it is “neural network” and why in the expanses of Internet

According to “Wikipedia” neural network can be both biological and artificial. Biological neural network is a system of interconnected neurons of brain of animals or people, while artificial neural network is a computational cybernetic model of biological neural network.


A battle of wits

According to SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), students of the "Nazarbayev Intellectual School" from Semey city are the best in the world in the physics-mathematical field.


Young scientists are the future of Kazakhstan

Adilsultan Lepes from Kazakhstan, took a fourth place in the competition of scientific achievements among students Intel ISEF. 65th World Competition Intel ISEF was held in Los Angeles from 11th to 16th May 2014.


Incubator for the winged


A human is an earthly creature. Because of this, to rise higher than Nature made it possible for him is a burning dream escorting the whole history of our civilization. The beautiful ideé fixe of the mankind. And we should do the justice to our pushiness – we did achieve something.