Swollen Jellyfish and Photoroad of Life

The SPACE Gallery hosted the first solo photoexhibition “Photography is the way of life” of the young and talented photo-countess Tomiris Nabieva from February 27 to March 4. .


Open Europe: Exhibition of Elvira Garnysheva

In these primaveral days Art Samal Gallery hosted a solo exhibition of Elvira Garnysheva. Perhaps, she is the most mysterious and unpredictable Kazakh artist. "Where the air is pinkish from shingles." The very name of the exposition sets up on something. And is not cheating.


Value of Enigma

Why someone has everything, and the other has nothing? What puts this picture above other works of equally talented authors? How is it possible to sell anything for a million? Or at least for a half? Why it is the Chinese Girl, what became the darling of fortune, though this master has quite a...


Inspiration of Rain

Rain is a phenomenon that means a lot more than just "rainfall". As though washing away souls of everyday fatigue and mud, rain gives inspiration encouraging to look at ordinary things from a different perspective, to open a marvellous new world outside the washed windows of houses and souls....


Forever young poet, artist and... the prophet

Victor would have turned 37 years old on September 28, 2014. His life was tragically terminated due to a driver’s mistake in one of Almaty streets on August 15, 2006. Not reaching his thirties, he left behind the artistic, literary, philosophical, scientific research works and legend in his own...


Carefully Measured Randomness

Every word has its own depth and meaning in the polished phrase, placed as a title for an article. This phrase, formulated by Azat Tabiev, can be serve as an epigraph to his creations and at the same time, it can be a key to understand his paintings. That is not easy, by the way.


Arbat, Conquered by Red Tractor

The Contemporary Art Festival -ArtBatFest, a traditional event for Almaty and its guests, exceeded all expectations in 2014. The organizers scattered the art objects like the fall leaves around the perimeter of the historical center. "The leaves" flown in tunnels and subways, to parking lots and...


Saltanat Tashimova’s sensual art

exhibited paintings created by Saltanat Tashimova – a talented artist. These works very well match the spring mood of Nauryz (New Year in the Middle Asia) celebration.


Jump of Andrei Noda

Andrei Noda studied to be a chef (school), an electrician (Plant), radiotelegraph operator (Army). He engaged classic wrestling, swimming, pistol shooting, and orienteering. And between all these activities he drew a little. Drawing has won. He became a student of the university of art, among...


Aesthetic gourmandize

The realism in painting remains actual always that useful time was confirmed by the exhibition which has taken place in Almaty.


Come and see the Moon…

Have you ever seen the moon in a boat?... And sitting on a tree?... At the balcony? In the barn? You haven’t? Then you haven’t met Leonid Tishkov’s Private Moon yet. It wanders around many various, sometimes very unusual for a moon, places.


In the footsteps of the Venice Biennale

The Kazakhstani artist from Shymkent, one of the leaders of the legendary art group Kyzyl Tractor Sa’id Atabekov has presented his projects at the famous Venice Biennale 2013 already five times running.


Not only nomads

The first serious exhibition of the Kazakh modern art over the last 25 years was opened in Moscow with the assistance of the well-known trustee Marat Gelman.