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History of Zyryanovsk is typical for Altai cities. Dowser Grigory Grigorievich Ziryanov walked through the Altai. He walked-walked and found what he was looking for. And what he was looking for is known. He looked for wealth. And here was so much wealth in this land that afterRussian Empire and the Soviet Union mined it, Kazakhstan still got the big share.

Thus, the history of the city started from the pioneer who discovered hiddenwealth in the land in 1791. Buthere is no monument for the founding father at some visible place in the city. But here are plenty of other monuments:for Lenin -on the main square, for Mayakovsky-little further and even for Leo Tolstoy. May be someone’s fingers are itching, but I like when cities have monuments of earlier eras and do not change the name. Zyryanovsk is exactly like this; all of these familiar streets - Soviet, the October, Lenin.By the way, descendants of Gregory Zyryanov are still living in Zyryanovsk.

Close to Leo Tolstoy monumentthere is a small, but very sincere museum of local ore mining and processing complex. There are very curious remains of a wooden culvert, which was used by miners in the nineteenth century, and candle ends which wereused to lightworking places up in the womb of the Earth.


The road from Ust- Kamenogorsk to Zyryanovsk is not very picturesque. It is 160 kilometers and takes approximately 1.5 - 2.5 hours to cover it. There is one sight - serpentine before turnto Serebryansk, which complexity and steepness are exaggerated by travelers. In winter, when Bukhtarma is under the snow, this is the most picturesque and lively place on the road,mountain here are overgrown with birches, aspen and fir trees.

Then, after you admire the industrial landscape of thecement plant that steaming like a headless dragon Gorynych in “Octobyabrskiyvillage”nearby, you can buy all sorts of smoked and salted “gifts of Buhtarma” sea:pike, whitefish and the beloved peled for its euphonious name. Here caviar from peledwill be offeredto you. But if peled’s caviar does not attract you can go on without stopping.


I do not know about everyone, but the atmosphere and aura of winter Zyryanovsk won me. Leisurely life is focused here mainly on Sovietstreet where thereare plenty of stores and little shops with tricky foreign names and foreign goods. Going up on the street, you getto the central square, where the main Ziryanovsk hotel is locatedwith simple name - "Central".

Zyryanovskis small and cozy; especially in winter, when all city flaws are tastefully decorated with snow. Hereis so much snow that during the winter it is necessary, at least once, to clean it from all roofs, otherwise they collapse under the weight. So there are people of a very rare profession as roofs cleaners - janitors - steeplejacks.

Many people say that Zyryanovsk has high crime rate. Maybe so, but I personally did notparticipate in any criminal episodes. 90% of Zyryanovsk crimes are committed without leaving the house, because of the traditional domestic drinking. And in general, people appear very nice, responsive,friendly and gladly establish contacts and pour out their hearts.


Zyryanovsk is a city at the mines. All its sense and all its prospects are associated with polymetallic ores, which were discovered more than 200 years ago by Gregory Zyryanov. But now many of the surrounding fields are dried up, and itnecessary to move further away from the city and get deeper into the subsoilfor the extraction ofore. Depth of the mine reaches already one and half kilometer.Although, intensive geological exploration increases optimism, but many people rise the question - what is next?

Maybe if Zyryanovsk was located somewhere else, it would have been doomed. But Zyryanovskis close to the most picturesque areas of Rudniy Altai, which is connected to the head of Bukhtarma. And so far the smartestpeople are already thinking about the development of the tourism area, which will feed the locals as long as Altai Mountains stand.

By the way,ski resorts with hotels and ski lifts are working in the city’s neighborhood. Rumor has it that people from Russia come here to ski, and Zyryanovsk people got so addicted to this sport that on weekends lending equipment stock is already insufficient.

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