Why it is “neural network” and why in the expanses of Internet


According to “Wikipedia” neural network can be both biological and artificial. Biological neural network is a system of interconnected neurons of brain of animals or people, while artificial neural network is a computational cybernetic model of biological neural network.

It looks simple. Every new day we ensure that Internet info field, that in itself a is a symbiosis of program products and space software functioning, made by men, more and more resembles a global artificial intellect world a kind of biological neural network of a living being.

If we take a certain web-resource, we see that depending on its functions and tasks, it becomes one of neurons in the system of global neurons exchange.

Contemporary site is no longer just a private blog or a forum, a shop or a playground. All the resources are united in the network.

All these complex ways of interactions in different networks start with a simple step – files downloading and function code block setting. In other words it all starts with template mechanical actions. But further “life” of the site complies with the principles of global Internet development. And so called Internet Resource popularity, due to the initial steps taken by men that use their own understanding and personal assessment, the resources of their own biological neural network, start its way to self-development.

A plain conformation of this fact can be seen in definite period of time, when you accidently discover links and announcement as a resource trace in Internet space.

It is all great and at the same time difficult. The passage above is called to explain how something called “Internet” interacts with biological neural network that promote its self-developing at a furious rage towards perfect artificial intellect.

Scientists have proven that there is a certain neural network exchange between a person and a computer. At the present time a great number of laboratories and developers work on more advanced “neural interface” that gives people opportunity to interact with electronic devices with little efforts.

When my son flew out of the room, where he together with his grandpa was taking to pieces a broken device, he screamed with joy “mum, I managed to unsolder details for my collection”… and we are tender not to pay attention to our kids’ actions when we are overwhelmed with our own problems. Though, sometimes this veil falls from our eyes. I turned to him and thought “I know what my 6- year old son should be interested in”.

But it turned to be quite difficult for the lack of radio technicians clubs and technical creativity teams. Guess what happened next? This very neural network s got working. We were looking towards this first step for more than one year with one desire - to create an atmosphere where our boys and girls could study science, mechanic and electronic, and be not just ordinary device users but become engineers, creators and developers.

All we had to do was to unite aspirations of a few parents, tutors, businessmen, people whose biological neural network transmitted the same thought into the space.
That is how “I-MOZG” neural network appeared in the vast expenses of Internet. This web resource is called to unite thematic informational field that is only to be formed in a future and that means it will develop as a kind of biological neural network with all the appropriate interactions.
This environment started to form and shape in the Internet: Skype, new contacts in social network, new thematic fellowship.

Our fellowship went beyond Internet limits. A private and unofficial parents and teachers Committee so called PPPCER - “Public Parental and Pedagogic Committee on Educational Robotics” was established. The general idea “of creating something that would help our kids to take into high technological innovational trends” looked so attractive.

 In March 2014 with a help of “Internet Avenue” - an annual exhibition providers, we came out with our first Poboshow in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

At the end of June 2014 we took part in the first Pobotechnics competition in Almaty, held by Innovation in Education Centre.

A few arrangements were reached with several brands that produce equipment for teaching process for kid’s additional education focused on mechanic, technology and robotics studying. 

In August the 2nd on invitation of GIGO Taiwan plant, for the first time in history of our country, our boys’ Kazakh team participated in the international Green Mech competition with more 11 other countries. There were also signed a memorandum of further participation of Kazakh team in given competition and was created a Chapter of the International Forum.

Today “I-MOZG” neural network is developing rapidly. New partners and resources are joining the project; a new generation of kids fond of robotics, mechanics and computer-based systems is rising. And that means that our kids have a competitive future.

We are open for all cooperation and partnership opportunities. As our neural interaction will certainly create an atmosphere where our kids would grow and become our pride.

Text by Tamara Strelnikova 
Photo provided by the event organizers

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