Tropical fruit are in greenhouses of Kazakhstan in winter!

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In the summer of 2013, large-scale construction of the largest in Kazakhstan high-tech greenhouse has begun with the financial support of "KazAgroFinance"; it occupies eight acres in the greenhouse complex LLP "Toparskie greenhouses" and works on the Dutch system using low-capacity substrate technology and drip irrigation. And today they started transplanting the first seedlings.

Before the beginning of the year complex had already 16 hectares of existing traditional greenhouses for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lemons and mushrooms. However, management decided to expand their abilities and add innovation and modern technologies. The first cucumber seedling is transplanting in greenhouse today. The next step is the harvest of lemons, tangerines and in the near future an exotic kiwi.

Greenhouse workers claim that residents of Karaganda region, Karaganda and Astana cities, would be able to enjoy the first harvest already on March 8. It is planned that the project will produce up to eight and a half tons of fruits and vegetables per year, by 2015. Undoubtedly, Toparskie greenhouses are one of the most ambitious greenhouse projects in our country. The largest greenhouse complex is an agro-town in fact and it is set in 24 hectares of the farm (357 hectares) in the village Topar, Karaganda region.

The main purpose of the project was to ensure year-round needs of Astana and Karaganda region with quality vegetable products - tomatoes and cucumbers. Make quantity is up to four and a half tons of ecologically clean, certified products per year. And extension of Toparskie greenhouse complex makes it the largest in Kazakhstan and creates 110 working places in addition.

According to the management of LLP "Toparskie greenhouses", they will built in the framework of the project: gas boiler house to provide plants with carbon dioxide gas by force of distribution system, loading platform, modernize OAB building and warehouses of final goods and equip the neighborhood with modern services and utilities. In addition, construction of an electric step-down substation is planned in the area. The project is based on the use of modern and most effective technology in greenhouse production in the world.

Thus, it is expected to save thermal energy up to 25 percent thanks to the use of vertical and horizontal shading (penoplex in the foundation of greenhouses that conserves heat and five-layer - 16 mm polycarbonate for perimeters). An exploitable lighting system will provide up to 10 kilograms of vegetables per square meter per month in winter.

Cycle of nutrient solution in the irrigation system saves up to 30 percent of the cost of fertilizer. Drainage after irrigation collects, disinfects, supplements with fertilizers to the required level and then goes back for irrigation. World leaders in the production of greenhouses supply all used equipment and technologies. As a result, this project will significantly strengthen the position of Kazakhstan in food self-provision.

"KazAgroFinance" invested in the project 4.2 billion tenge, including purchase of the equipment for the greenhouse complex, as well as construction works. In the whole country, 10 greenhouses with a total area of 31.4 hectares in the amount of 9 billion tenge, with the production of 22,000 tons of vegetables a year were set in operation in the framework of the investment tendancy - "Creating a network of greenhouses".

Total for today, investment portfolio of Group of national holding companies "KazAgro" are 346 investment projects worth 237.5 billion tenge, with the total number of created working places is 12.4 thousand for the period of operation. 280 projects with a total value of 177.8 billion tenge have been set in operation.

I would like to remind that "KazAgroFinance" was created on December 28, 1999 in accordance with the Government of Kazakhstan, which main purpose is to support the development of the agricultural sector of the country by providing access to finance for agricultural producers, as well as to agricultural machinery and technological equipment on a leasing basis. The Company is a part of National Holding "KazAgro".

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