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Land of Kazakhstan is generous for talents: in August 2014, our compatriot, Alvina Akhmetkazy won the prestigious 2nd place at the International Festival - Competition of Inclusive Arts for Children and Youth Under the Wings of Orion, held in Kobrin town, Belarus.

Alvina is 17 years old, she is a student at the Special (correctional) Boarding school No.2 for children with locomotor system impairments, located in the city of Almaty.

Despite the fact that the girl, unfortunately, has many congenital diseases, she is a good learner and an active student. Alvina sings well, she is interested in sports, dancing, attends school clubs of batik, beading, wallow felting, carpet weaving, and paints well too. 

Since she is 12 years old, Alvina is a regular participant of the Festival of Children's Creativity Meyіrіm for the children from the social institutions of Almaty city. Marat Ospanov’s Community Foundation is the initiator and organizer of the Festival.  During the last 6 years, more than 1,000 children from 17 social institutions annually participate in the competitions for the scenic, fine and decorative arts with the help of the Foundation.

The professional jury assesses the creativity of kids; the winners are awarded on the eve of the Children's Day by diplomas and gifts. The Festival became the anticipated traditional festival of the city to which children are prepared every year. The Foundation organizes various workshops and training sessions for teachers and children of boarding schools and orphanages in preparation for the competition.

Alvina is a regular participant of competitions in singing, dance, fine arts and PDI, and for two years now she wins prizes; this year the girl not only took first place at the festival Meyіrіm, but also participated in the gala concert and even was the host of the Festival .


Alvina literally lives in creativity. In her younger years she was a member of exit plenum on Fine Arts, organized with the support of the A. Kasteev School of Fine Arts and Technical Design.


In 2013 and 2014, she participated in the National Festival for Children with Disabilities Zhuldyzay in Astana, was awarded by the diploma of the III place and acted in the Gala Concert, while in April 2014, Alvina even performed at the Charity Inclusive Concert in duet with the famous singer, producer and composer Zhanibek Oralbekov at the Abaya State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Marat Ospanov Public Foundation. This performance had considerable success with audience. Few at the age of young Alvina can boast such achievements.


According to Alvina, the biggest and most memorable success for her became participation in the International Festival - Competition of Inclusive Arts for Children and Youth Under the Wings of Orion.


This Festival aims to promote inclusive creativity in Europe, the preservation of common cultural and information space, the development of children and youth festival arts, attracting of the world community to the inclusive movement.

It should be noted, that the children from social institutions of Kazakhstan are participating in an event of such scale for the first time; Marat Ospanov’s Foundation and the Foundation of the First President should be honoured as well, since they provided a wonderful opportunity for the children to go to Kobrin and to take part in such a prestigious festival.

Let's hope that the participation of Kazakh children in such events will become a tradition.


As to Alvina Akhmetkazy, she surely has a bright future - next year she will successfully graduate from the school and now she plans to enter the university to become a journalist and to study foreign languages.


We wish her good health and success, and we admire her tenacity and belief in herself.

We advise our readers to learn from this strong and talented girl, who despite her illness, continues to create, to believe, to love and to fight. Good luck and be happy, Alvina.

Photo: Personal archive of Alvina Akhmetkazy

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