Queen of Hearts, Queen of the World

An athlete from Kazakhstan, Daniya Tleumbetova, became the two-time world champion of fitness in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Daniya defended her title, which she won in 2013. The athlete is a two-time champion of Asia and absolute champion of Kazakhstan.

As it was rightly pointed out by Vesti.kz: "Success story of 23-year-old girl is like a movie with twisted plot." Since childhood, Daniya studied ballet and music, she studied at the Ballet School and dreamed of dancing on the big stage. However, her life abruptly changed at the beginning of 2013. A fitness trainer, Kairat Syzdykov, noticed her, who made her an offer to try bodybuilding. The girl thought for a few days and decided to give it a try. After a few months Daniya participated in an Open Championship of Kazakhstan on bodybuilding, where she was fourth. 

A few months later, Tleumbetova was invited to the Asian Championship, where she sensationally won in the category of Model-physicist. While in the autumn of 2013 she already went to the World Championship in Budapest. There, she was able to hit the world's experts and not only reached the finals, but won the championship, becoming the strongest on the planet. The former ballerina made an incredible breakthrough in bodybuilding in just one year.

The champion herself talked about her preparation for victory:

- I'm already half a year on a diet. Every day workouts start from six in the morning. I train a lot. Well, I have hard diets, eat on time. I dream to fly from India and eat my mother's Napoleon cake,  mom bakes it to me after every competition (laughing). 

The athlete’s coach Kairat Syzdykov also praises his mentee, noting her ability to work and dedication. However, the mentor admits that sometimes he may even criticize his student, and often it can be difficult with her. 

Photo: from the personal pages of Daniya Tleumbetova (Facebook)

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