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фото-видеостудия «Paparazzi» в Шымкенте

Many believe that young people today are inert, not creative and they are not able to take the independent actions. In fact, it is not like that. This year new Youth Photo and Video Studio «Paparazzi»opened its doors to the guests on Valentine's Day in Shymkent.

Just in a fuss we don't notice what a talented young people pass by us. Some are promoting active and healthy lifestyle, others are eager to build smart cities, someone involved in charity work, someone arranged in parks book exchange. And the guys from Shymkent with their own hands have created Photo-Video Studio.

This is how it happened:

– Three young men, with accompanying desire to translate all their ideas have joined forces and decided to made us happy with their ideas, – says one of the participants of the project’s support group Christina. – All improvised performances the team has done with their hands. 

фото-видеостудия «Paparazzi» в Шымкенте

And on 14 February, everyone could see, as well as free of charge capture themselves against the hand-maid decorations in the form of home-made fireplace and interior parts cut out of paper. In the Studio was a warm and hospitable environment, itself having to come here again. Friends and visitors all have found deals: someone asked the studio guys about their jobs, others have already photographed on the romantic background, others tasted sweet treats. Everyone left with elevated mood and promise certainly go here again.

Meet here and the names of the team participants: Julia Rubinka, Azret Tohchukov and Dmitry Burdygin. Julia and Azret – though young photographers, but already with a good amount of works. Dmitry is a professional operator and beginning filmmaker. He did, perhaps, the first and so far only film fantasy in our city - "Return".

Each of the guys can be decided as diverse and promising artist, creating in theirs own, unique style. It turned out that these people have known each other and combines proven friendship, therefore, in such seemingly different ideas there is a harmony and they complement each other. In discussing another design or interior listeners curiously see it from other side. 

фото-видеостудия «Paparazzi» в Шымкенте

– Establishment of a common studio for work and creativity came to Julia, Azret and Dmitry a long time ago, and now, by the end of January, its embodiment of literally came in their hands, – Christina continued. – On the way to a completely unplanned dinners with friends, they found a room which is offered to be a Studio. Despite the excitement, the guys from the first minute started actions. And in the rain, in the snow they with interest and diligence looked for the materials for decoration.

In summary: semi-empty, requiring a global order and cosmetic repairs room with tons of materials for interior, heads full of ideas, and a small amount of time.

But came “knock on the door” assistance from their friends. Every day, it seemed, ten people replaced each other, helping each to than he is strong. Girls cut out from paper flowers and hearts guys painted and helped with the housekeeping. Graffiti-artists, or, as they call themselves, writers, Dmitry Yakovlev and Azamat Khalikov assisted in painting interior and decorations, as well as the walls, while our photographers roamed the nearby shops in search of cardboard to create a fireplace and soft box connector for work. Just a couple of days, and thanks to the joint efforts of the team and in front of us were already ready, pleasing to the eye, decorations for Valentine's day.

фото-видеостудия «Paparazzi» в Шымкенте

The «Paparazzi»Studio has a lot of plans. The main task, they said, is to turn people of our city to a good level of photography and videoshoot, to awaken the interest to creativity and aesthetics.

The team with pleasure takes up any interesting ideas. They work in different genres: shoot weddings, celebrations, corporate events, birthday parties, make rehearsal photoshooting and Love Story, studio photography, feature photography, portfolios, baby and family photos and other creative directions.

Photo by “Paparazzi” Studio

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