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Kazakhstan will be the center of the next issue of weekly newspaper China Daily Asia Weekly, entitled as the new horizons: Central Asia’s Kazakhstan, rich in energy resources, makes steps to attract the tourists and businesses". 

5 articles are devoted to our country. They tell about the economic success and tourist potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"The world's largest producer of uranium and second regional petroleum producer (after Russia) in the post-Soviet space is rated in top 50 of the Doing Business Rankings on the business easiness. Kazakhstan became a favourite destination for the foreign investors as a base in the Central Asian market", - states the edition about the economic development of Kazakhstan.

The newspaper highlights that the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan is planning to invest 10 billion USD in the tourism industry, with 6 billion USD expected from the private sector. The share of tourism in the country's GDP  should grow from the current 0.3 to 3% by 2020. A major role in increasing the tourist flow and expansion of relationships with the partners from the South and South-East Asia will be played by EXPO-2017, which will be held for the first time in Central Asia.

"Kazakhstan announced that 2017 will be a year of Chinese tourism. It is expected that the country will be visited by approximately 5 million tourists, including 5 thousand tourists from China. Central Asia's largest economy is exploring the possibility of introducing a 72-hour visa-free period for the Chinese tourists, similar to the plan, introduced in 10 major cities of China few years ago," - mentioned the newspaper.


China Daily Asia Weekly has an optimistic look at the prospects for the further development of tourism and the overall economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in connection with the introduction of visa-free regime with 10 countries, introduced unilaterally this July, as a pilot project (for 1 year): United States, the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, U.A.E., Korea Republic and Japan. Timur Duissengaliev, the Director of the Department of Tourism at the Ministry of Investment and Development, says that next year the number  of visa-free countries will be expanded to 84.


"The new visa policy can be interpreted as a sign of growing confidence of Kazakhstan on the international arena. Strengthening stability and economic achievements makes the Republic of willing to show its openness and hospitality», - says the President of the Foundation for Research of the Global Development (Japan) Dr. Norio Yamamoto.


He also suggested that the introduction of a common visa to visit all the countries of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) and Kazakhstan could become a powerful impetus to the development of tourism along the Silk Road.

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