Nastya and Nisa: Recipes for Success

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оригинальный дизайн мебели, Ниса Кинжалина и Анастасия Леонова

«Luck is a constant readiness to use the chance», – says famous Donald Trump. Indeed, this «capricious lady» comes only to someone who goes to her every second without stopping and never surrendering. The history of our two heroines has just begun, but judging how it begins, we can look forward to a most enjoyable development events... 

Nisa Kinzhalina and Anastasia Leonova met in 2012, at the Department of Design at KazGASA. The girls were in many ways similar: they have, how they are expressed, «theirs life ideology has coincided». In other words, they became friends and stayed firm after graduation deciding to work together in the field of Interior Design. Participated in many urban design competitions, and after they won a few prizes, young artists felt reassurance: it's time to go to the international level.

– Our first joint trip abroad occurred in the fall of 2014 to Moscow, – says Nisa Kinzhalina. It was Italian competition «I Saloni WorldWide Moscow», conducted the selection of designers ' works in the CIS, and Kazakhstan participated for the first time. We can say, pleasantly surprised – all 90 points out of 100 possible – no joke! How to forget the enthusiastic assessment of famous Italian designers and architects Riccardo Blumer, Marco Romanelli, Mario Kuchinella... So we came home with an even bigger drive, energy and decided do not stop there. 

оригинальный дизайн мебели, Ниса Кинжалина и Анастасия Леонова

The modest «don't stop» stands as follows: Nisa and Nastya had an idea about overmastering of Europe! Now the girls are gearing up for the competition – exhibition in Milan “The Salone Satellite Milano 2015”. There they for the first time will present the Kazakhstan design, but now at the highest level.

– After we have decided on this, we had a bunch of meetings, calls, negotiations, – continues Nissa Kinzhalina. – It turned out that things are not so simple. After all, rent a booth in Milan is very expensive. We started looking for ways to ease our financial burden. And found. We have not just an opportunity to pay less; we learned that in our city there are such talented designers as Aziz Abdulmazhitov and Timur Aktaev. We are now great friends!

But despite the new dating and assistance, money still was not enough. Then Nissa and Nastya over the Internet declared a «massive collection of funds». Description of the idea was posted on the world hosting the invest For a week had raised 750 USD, 200000 KZT and received a nice discount on the flight.

– People don't just give us the money, Nisa ends the story. They are investing in our future projects. In other words, they pay in advance for our work. Upon arrival from Italy we promise to fulfil all their orders.

That's right; thanks to the help of many, many people young designers could pay for rent and to buy tickets. Now Milan is ready to meet our girls. And we'll be rooting for them and wait with the victory!

оригинальный дизайн мебели, Ниса Кинжалина и Анастасия Леонова

Job description: 

«Reflect». The lamp is designed for those who like to read paper books. Design of the luminaire is suitable for both home and office. The principle of operation is very simple: the light coming from the base of the light is reflected from the adjustable mirrors and is directed to the book or to any other object. The mirror has 2 sides, from one side it standard and gives diffused light from other side it is concave, produces the effect of a focused beam of light that can be directed farther away. The light fixture can be operated in switched off mode, reflecting light from other light sources. In addition, the luminaire is equipped with a special shelf-bookmark for your favourite books. It can be switched in/off by rotation of the sticks in the mirror.

Three in one. This piece of furniture combines the most used things for humans: lamp, coat rack and a bookshelf. But, as a rule, these three things are always individual and are very massive. And save space in the apartment are the most relevant. Frame of the luminaire, the bookshelf, is made of plywood board’s thickness 15 mm. The shelf has built-in polycarbonate box in the form of a trapeze, into which installed the led bulb. Tube, resembling the trunk of floor lamp is made of metal, with thickness of 10 mm.

“Manual light”. Lamp has this name because of the possibility of carrying and fitting the device. It may be of different sizes. Can cover both the interior and exterior. It is made of a metal frame, which is encased in the bottom sides by acryl or thin frosted glass. 

оригинальный дизайн мебели, Ниса Кинжалина и Анастасия Леонова

Chair «Urban Philosophy Chair». Concept: This chair has appeared suddenly, as if from nowhere. Black line started traffic and stopped it when it was needed. The trail she left behind, as if frozen and it was left hanging in the air. It was the silhouette of a chair.

Materials: Chair 450x450x900 (mm) dimensions is made of a metal frame, painted in black. Seat, back and side edges – from the acrylic glass. Weight: 16 kg.

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