Medical Cosmetology

Beauty therapy is often considered as a science, art or independent field of medicine. This is all true, and yet, it does not deplete an idea of "modern cosmetology”, which is usually divided into two directions: aesthetic cosmetology and medical cosmetology. Olga Bedratskaya, Doctor & Dermatocosmetologist at Zolotoy Beauty & SPA, told us about the medical cosmetology and the most popular procedures.

Mesotherapy and biorevitalization are the solid pillars in the medical cosmetology. New generation preparations are capable to restore skin’s hydrobalance, its beauty and youthness. Amino-acid complexes, polypeptide bio- regenerators, vitamin and mineral cocktails, hyaluronic acid are just a small part of mesotherapeutic arms.  Revitalizing complexes can really do the miracles and this is easy to prove just after one course of treatment. A relatively new, but well-proven method of Plasma Lifting (or PRP) should be mentioned, too. The patient’s own plasma, rich in platelets, contains all of the necessary substances which can restore skin after a harsh winter, sultry summer, and give it shine. Plasma Lifting will help with acne treatment, hair loss and rehabilitation after aggressive laser treatment.

 - Thread Lifting, or 3D meso threads, which started to be used in cosmetology relatively recently, is on the rise. You can apply this method to save you face from gravitational ptosis, since the Threads form a collagen frame around them after resorption: as a result, the skin becomes more elastic, youthful and visibly lifted. Meso threads consist of polydioxanone, a fully absorbable material. Meso threads reinforcement can be applied not only to skin, but also to the neck, décolleté, the inner surface of the shoulder and hips, and in general, to any area of the body that needs correction.

- Absorbable threads with notches or cones provide better and more visible skin lifting, designed for delicate face & neck lifting and  restoration in the malar area. Threads for the delicate lifting consist of polylactic acid, a material, which also dissolves completely. The procedure allows an efficient, predictable and safe adjustment of the face oval and helps to eliminate the signs of ageing.

 - With age, the natural ageing process make the tissues to lose volume and elasticity, as a result, the wrinkles may appear and cheeks might retract or droop. Age-related changes appear on the hands. Hyaluronic acid fillers and hydroxyapatite calcium preparations will help us to fix it. With their help, it is possible to return youthful roundness of the cheeks and cheekbones, to align the face oval and to smooth the wrinkles. 

All the treatments are safe if done correctly, which is very important, because your health is paramount. Every person is different and only the practising specialist can advise you the best ways of correction. Therefore, if you want to know all the details, please contact our Center (Astana), where you certainly receive a guidance towards the beauty!

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