Karl Marx on the Assy plateau

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As it often happens, abook called on the road to the Assy plateau; work of PavelIustinovichMarikovsky,our last classic traveler,- "In the Tien Shan Mountains". "And everywhere I see a lot of mounds belonging to different times and peoples. This highland is a real necropolis of ancient times. Nowhere, I have ever seen such an abundance of graves."

Nevertheless, the abundance of ancient tombs that appeared as soon as we climbed from Bartogai on a wide plateau Ortatau,surpassed all expectations. The fact that they are ancient and unusual was evident immediately. At least I have not seen anything like this before. There were guttered ancient burial mounds, but most of them were "grave" structure, consisted of a small stone mound with prominent "slab" in the middle.

Horses were grazing among the graves, and nothing else could combine so harmoniously together in such patriarchal and primitive consonance. Proud semi-wild horses and ancient unmarked graves, they are two symbols of the great nomadic civilization.

From them cameredoubtable and exhilarating energy. For some reasons I remembered the great sacrifices of Aryans, when the whole clanfollowed the chosen horse for a year. And when time came, the horse was sacrificed, and the tribe found a new home.

And here is the altar. A circle neatly laidwith stones. Another symbol of the nomads reminding wheels and yurts, life in constant motion, the nomadic nature, the opposite even in square static fields and homes of farmers. People in Steppe were always proud of such contrasts. It is not a coincidence that traditional burial mounds were perfectly round. And in addition they were surrounded by concentric stone fences. These are preserved in the oldest cemeteries, including Semirechye.

We went further, and after crossing a small hill, we slipped into a cozy valley with an appropriate name Jamal -Ui. This is the valley of the river Assy, which abruptly reverses its course here and disappear into an impassable canyon to the north. This river isetalon: crystal-clear, garrulous and cold. Of course, if you do not get here during the period of thaw or rain.

Tract Dzhaman - uiis compared to Castles Valley in Charyn. And this is absolutely unfounded. Because Charyn isCharyn and Assy is Assy. (And Colorado is Colorado!) Maybe texture of reddish sandstone, intricately carved by the winds and rains, is the same, but onlythis. Actually, many such places exist on the both sides of the Tien Shan mountains.

And who is this? Karl Marx! Monumental towers at the entrance to the arm filled with some obscure stone images and ugly mugs. (Probablyideas of German philosophy embodied in the stone - "sources and components".) However, if you look to Marx from a different angle, you can see Leo Tolstoy, Dmitriy Mendeleev and the old man ... Hottabych.

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