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Wonderful Dzhunke valley found a room for itself at the north wall of Jungar Alatau;it is far from the main roads, but it is known not only in Kazakhstan for the presence of numerous mineral springs, the main one is Kapal Arasan.

Kazakh legend can rarely manage without dzhungarian princesses. Apparently, there was something special about them thathad sunk so deeply into the soul of susceptible to everything non-standard steppe inhabitants and even outweighed the hatred against worn enemies - dzhungar.

The history of Kapal Arasan had its own "Junggar princess". When first explorers appeared at Kapal Arasan, they found traces of improvement; the pits with water have been deepened and edged with cobblestones. And the locals remembered that stone steles stood besidesome time ago, such "medical histories"placed in honor of patient’s recovery. And one of them particularly stood out.

"It was the plate with exquisite carved woman in Junggar costume. The crown was cut out on her head like on Christian icons; her hands were attached to the tip of the breast andhold a vase with carved plants,flowers and fruits."

Ethnographer Abramov learned it from local informants in Semipalatinskin 1857. Opinions of the old-timers, about who was actually depicted on the stone, varied. It was claimed that she was not a princess, but a Khan’s wife, who was cured frominfertility by healing water.

However, people tell another story, that the healing power of the water was first discovered by Russian soldiers, who appeared here in the middle of the XIX century. They washed their footcloths in the springsand were amazed that washing helped not only with foot odor, but also with the pain of rheumatism and old wounds, which torturedsoldiers for years.

Like all famous resorts, Kapal Arasan gradually became overgrown with wonderful stories about the unusual recoveries and miraculous escapes. By word of mouth, adding glory,standard "cases" were told about people, who came on crutches and run skippingly away. There were "eyewitnesses", who sawfences made of old crutches at local Cossacks.

And here is the testimony of P.A. Galitsky, regional inspector of district schools and more sober-minded man:

"These waters are very health-giving for rheumatic pains and many patients come here from a thousand kilometers or more during the summer time. One merchant, which I found here under treatment, told me that he had suffered from rheumatism for a long time and after twenty daysof bathing and rubbingin to the hands and feet sulfuric mud, he got great relief."

Short "golden age" of Arasan ended with the transfer of Semirechensk center from close Kapal to the distant Verniy. So, when Dr. Sobolewski (doctor of Chokan Valihanov) visited the city in summer 1868, he wrote the following:

"Buildings have already come in quite tumbledown state. Bathes are keeping negligently. Arasan residents wash clothes in a warm bath and clean copper dishes."

And then new government came, and with it one more golden age of Kapal Arasan. Organization with a serious name - "Kazkurorttrest" set to work this time. About 500 patients per season were here under treatment during the prewar years.

But the finest hour of Kapal Arasan Minvod associated with love of Dinmukhamed Kunaev. He was the first person in the Republic and not the last one in the Union hierarchy, he often came here and he has done a lot so resort would become famous and attractive for people all over the USSR. Thanks to Kunayev, Kapal Arasan received the status of the resort of national standing. In order to facilitate the delivery of the patients, a runway was built in addition to well-maintained road, it took regular flights from Alma-Ata. Forpassengers, who were coming by train at the nearest train station, Turksib - Mulaly, transportation was organized.

This is how the finest hour of the resort was described by ethnographer Nikolai Ivlev, one of the most knowledgeable explorers of its history:

“The resort went to the year-round work since 1961. Seven winter andsix summer buildings were built. A new sleeping building with solarium upstairs was especially nice;at the top of the building patients could make themselves comfortable in the elegant rocking chairs and enjoy a beautiful view. The park has paths and walkways,benches everywhere, flower gardens,swimming pool, cinema, music salon, bookstore, department and grocery stores, gift and newsstands...“

Resort Kapal Arasanis still accepting everyone, who wants to improve their health. On the composition of mineral water it can compete with world-class clinics and resorts.

N.B. "According to balneological materials, the composition of Kapal Arasan mineral waters is nitrogenous low saline alkaline siliceous thermo chloride-sulfate sodium, a unique Kuldorskiy type.

These are widely used for balneological treatment at the world health resorts: "Bani" and "Velingrad" in Bulgaria, "Jansky Lazne" in Czech Republic, in Yugoslavia, France, Italy, Hungary resorts, etc.

Studied water is an effective non-drug remedy for the prevention and treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases..."

From Medical Conclusion of the Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine.

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