“Happy is that house where sounds of violin show us the way…”

Ruslan Turuntayev, the 15-yeared violinist from Astana, is famous not in Kazakhstan only, but abroad, too. The world beau mond of music began speaking about him for the first time a few years ago.

…He’s been engaged in music since the age of seven. And music, so to speak, “robs off” almost all his time. But, according to his father, Mussakhan Tutruntayev, the boy has never complained of his schedule, because he just can’t live the other way.

“You don’t have to make him practice”, his father says, “because he really enjoys playing violin. Even in his free time he listens to the classical music.”

“I can’t imagine myself without my violin and music”, Ruslan shares his feelings, “I am happy that I’ve achieved something. After every concert I feel like practicing and upgrading my skills still more. Be it possible, I would go without any sleep and food at all.”

Ruslan often has to go abroad to participate in various music competitions and festivals.  Especially his trip to Italy stuck in his mind. He both won Lа Rassegna Giovani Musicisti competition among the juniors and fell in love with this marvelous country, full of enigma and charm, as if it were specially created for music.

By the way, the organizers of that competition, stunned by the boy’s talent, trusted him to perform in the framework of this program in the group of adults, where musicians from many countries took their part. This honour could be deserved by one thing only – by the amazing performance. And his first award made him a celebrity among the musical aristocracy in Europe right away. This promises him a meteoric career in future.

They say, the violin in Ruslan hands begins to sound in a different way. In his time the great Russian musician, internationally acclaimed Vladimir Spivakov, who opened the way for many young talented musicians, noticed this fact. Through his International charitable foundation he passed the violin of the French master Emil Boulanger to Ruslan.

Today, Ruslan is a grant-holder of Vladimir Spivakov’s foundation and participant of his concert programs.

And recently he became the winner once again, and this victory virtually overlapped with the Day of Astana. The first to congratulate the winner of the 1st award in the Tchaikovsky International Youth Competition was the akim (mayor) of the capital, Imangali Tasmagambetov.

“Any success means hard work. One cannot achieve anything without work. And you have all the traits to be the winner. So, Ruslan, move on!” said akim of Astana to the young violinist.

The agemate of the capital cannot imagine his life without Kazakhstan. “I want to make my native country internationally celebrated!” Ruslan opens his mind, “and I know that I can do it.”

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