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Though this news summary reminds daily success report from Soviet Union era, however, a successful harvesting is a perfectly natural reason to be proud.  Also, the full granaries show a very visible promise of prosperity.

"The harvesting is on the way in all regions of the country. Ministry of Agriculture informs that according to reports from the regional departments of agriculture as of September 17, 2013 agricultural producers harvested crops from 8,262,700 hectares, which is 52.4 % of the harvesting area".  Regional departments report that as of today 100% of the crops gathered in Zhambyl region, 88.6% - in West Kazakhstan, 86% - in South Kazakhstan. Moreover, according to operational data, 9.8 million tons of grains was already produced with the average yield of 11.9 tons per hectare, which is 42% higher in comparison with 2012, when the average yield had been 8.4 tons per hectare.

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