Dzhunke Valley - wonderful area of Kazakhstan

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The vastness of Kazakhstan implies abundance on its territory numerous geographical impasses,alleyways, refuges,caches and holes. But among all of this abundance, places exist, which can be called only kindly, such as "nooks" - other epithets are too rough for them. Dzhunke Valley is exactly like this, itfound a room for itself on the north side of Jungar Alatau.

Residualfrom the main roads valley would be doomed to be forgotten. Unlessthere were two things that distinguish it from others.The first one is the brief prosperity in the middle of the XIX century, when this area almost became a center of the entire Semirechyethanks to Kapal, the first Russian settlement in Semirechye. And the second one is the presence of numerous mineral springs;the major one is Kapal Arasan.

A whole range of emotions hits the unaccustomedhuman soul that got here from the overpopulated city. It is particularly well here at the beginning of the summer. At night, from the darkness, waves of fragrant air convey to hearing the rustling of birches, owls’ cries and pealof distant thunderstorm. Only from the air people are experiencing a feeling of complete relaxation here. But this air is not only the atmosphere. It is the healing potion on dozens of mountain herbs that grow in the surrounding steppe. Even without procedures at the local sanatorium you  feel permanent and persistent healing aura.

Neighborhood of Kapal Arasan resortis a bit monotonous, but among apparent samenessa real highlights are here. Huge granite boulders arepicturesque scattered along the banks of foam Bien a few kilometers below the village, they attracted the attention of Semenov-Tyan-Shansky. Among cyclopean boulders there is a labyrinth of gloomy caves, rider on a horse can easily enterinto some of them. But some of the stones were exquisitely polishedby nature that an inexperienced observer has doubts of their natural origin. Especially famous rock Berkut, it predatory bent itseagle beak over the unwary traveler.

The famous pass Gosfordis located on the other side of the resort, it was described by all travelers of XIX century. From the steep northern slope, you can see an incredible view of the plain at the foot of Balkhash; and Dzhansugurov town, its neighborhoods are visible directly underfoot. This view is especially charming at the sunset after the rain.

If you wish, you can take a tour to the one of the gorges of Jungar Alatau, a mountain range that almost not affected by economical activities and rarely visited by tourists. And because of that it is still clean and pristine.

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