Dinosaurs in Kurty

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Inquiring researchers noticed a long time ago the amazing similarity between Loch Ness Lake in Scotland and the Curtin Reservoir in Semirechye. Both of these wonderful ponds stretched among the surrounding hills. I do not know how is in Loch, but in Kurtynibble is so good that every fisherman knows that self-respecting fish cannot bite like this. Then who does?

To gain an understanding of the situation, I suggest we go toward the unknown. And it is not far from Almaty. The road is without special attractions,until the majestic surface of the man-made pond appearson the right, which waters allure to dip into them. But it is not Kurty yet, and it has nothing to do with primordial nature, it is not man-made lake. Although it was created artificially, but not by hands, rather bythe quite different parts of millions of anonymous creators. This is Sorbulaksky dirt collector where sewage flows from the whole metropolis. (By the way, without false modesty, you can note your modest contribution into filling this majestic "pond"!)

Contrary to popular belief, it is not "stinking pit" and not elements of a sinful life of Almaty residents and visitors float here on the surface. Sorbulak is a haven for waterfowls, waders and fans of ornithological tourism. Wildlife lovers can take pleasure, watching the masses of swans, wild ducks, herons, gulls and other birds. If you equip yourself with a good pair of binocularsor with the telescope on a sturdy tripod, you can spend hours watching life of this noisy flock.

But Sorbulak is not famous only for its fauna. It became known as a major national manufacturer of the fish. It provides its benefactors of the old capital with the famous carp. Usually local fish sells on the markets as fish from Kapchagay or Balkhash. It resembles Chinese goods that "made" in the U.S. and Europe.

However, we are not going to linger on the affable lakesides of Sorbulak; it is only about ten kilometers left to the nearest turn on the Curtin Reservoir (it will be on the left side of the road).

Well, here is destination of our trip... Ghost, which is by all accounts (remember the similarity of our pond with Loch Ness and hundreds ofits epigones worldwide) have to show up here and wait, so far, for its discoverers. As it is well known, you cannot see it if you are not alone. (Although, if there are three of you, under certain conditions, you can see here even a green devil!) Therefore the best time for "quiet hunt" in Kurty is clean moonlit nights. When the blinding white light of our night star illuminates every pockmark on the surface of the black water, and every splash spreads widely. You are sitting on the beach, enjoying the coolness and inhaling the magnificent aroma of cooling cliffsand blooming sagebrush, thinkingabout eternity... And suddenly!

Joking aside, but the fact that valley of river Kurty is related to dinosaurs is not fiction. "Scanned" prints of primitive reptiles that lived in these places at dawn of the Mesozoic era are laidon the pages of stone chronicles. Search for fossils is not less interesting than looking for mushrooms, for example. But it is much more complicated and requires at least some minimal paleontological knowledge.

Much more often you can findpieces of petrified wood like a stone chips and chumps that retained all their live texturein the coastal cliffs of the Curtin Reservoir. Millions years ago, they were alive, sought to sun and rustled leaves...

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