Crust around great Almaty pyramid

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Almaty inhabitants and guests who have ever lifted their heads up and looked at the mountains, pay attention, of course, to the perfect pyramidal peak, towering over districts "Kazakhfilm" and "Orbita". This pyramid is a Big Almaty Peak.

It became "Great" because of its irresistible exterior; its height is only 3681 meters, if you consider the level from the Baltic Sea. Around this pyramid our route will go today. It is some kind of a ritual route that called in Tibet - crust.

Although, the Big Almaty Peak is not associated with celestial, but attempts to deify it are taking place. Today you can learn about the wonderful properties of pyramids from every self-respecting housewife. Pyramids, as it turned out, are able not only to defy time, but also sharpen knives and razors, grow hair on a bald head, increase the potency and reduce the risk of conflict (as we can see it on the example of happy Egypt). That is why many believers in the mystical power of pyramids bind a cozy aura of Almaty with the presence of a huge natural pyramid - Big Almaty Peak near the town.

And although, it can be called a pyramid only by looking at the top of it from city streets, this scientific fact should not confuse those who believe in the mystical power of such objects. It is not a coincidence that today we will go accordingly to the motion of the Sun (with the sun); that is the way how ritual tours of shrines are committed in most ancient religions. For example, in Buddhism, you have to go around the monument not once, but three times in a row.

So if someone will get or lose something somewhere after the tour, you know where to look for the cause, in the fundamental law of conservation.

A few remarks

The intended route is a one day trip, but only walker with an average degree of preparedness can walk it for this time on foot.

Less prepared, can reduce the walking part to the minimum by using a car to get to Big Almaty Lake, or even Cosmo station.

Difference in altitude is about 1,800 meters, but all over the way ascents and descents are not steep; the road is slightly sloping.

Incidents and difficulties, that might wait us on the road, are the meeting with the rigorous guards or new barrier. In Kazakhstan, it does not mean that you cannot go further; it just means that from this point a budget version of hike can become an...extreme one.

Description of the route

First, you should get to the Big Almaty Lake; and just before the lake you need to turn to the right and walk up along the serpentine to the barrier of Cosmo station. Difference in altitude is about 800 meters between the lake level and Cosmo station. It is the Zhosalykezen Pass (3336m), the highest point of our route. Scree on the northern slope of the saddle and obscure slope further – this is a view to our Pyramid from the other side. But we continue to move down, only down. You can walk straight, although I would recommend taking a shortcut along the path, which is clearly visible on the left side, and reaching the river “Prokhodnaya” higher on its course.

The path goes along the right bank of the river and well treads out; it leads us to the upper boundary of the forest and to the timbered crossing over the growing stream. This is the “Alyoshkin” bridge.

You can choose different ways to go down; one way is without crossing to the other side, it is shorter, a bit steeper and does not promise any problems; it leads directly to the healing springs of Alma-Arasan. And if you decide to choose the second way, you should get across “Alyoshkin bridge” to the left bank, where everything is beautiful, spacious and diverse; it leads to the resort too.

From the resort you can take a taxi or a bus to get to the city. But if you really want to enclose the rout on foot, then you should walk a few more to the end of the 28th bus route. In that way, Big Almaty Pyramid was enclosed inside the route. You have not seen it really, but it is not so important.

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