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Now, citizens of Kazakhstan can obtain Great Britain business visa during two or three days.

Visa within two days

Charles Handrey, the trade envoy of the Prime Minister of Great Britain, reported on first steps of the special program on the issue of business visas for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs in course of the scheduled 17th meeting of the Kazakhstan-British Trade Council. The launch of this program is the reply to Kazakhstan, which simplified the visa issue procedure for British citizens coming to visit our republic.

The essence of the program is to simplify the Britain business visa issue procedure. Now, citizens of Kazakhstan can obtain such a visa during two or three days. So far the program is carried out on the pilot basis, but its timeline is unlimited, and organizers of it are determined to continue working in this direction.

Today Great Britain is the world’s third country making direct investments to the economics of Kazakhstan, but it is not in the top ten of the trading partners of Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, economic relations are developing and are in need of support. According to the National Bank RK, for the period of 1993-2012 the gross volume of direct investments from Great Britain to Kazakhstan equaled to 11,7 bln US dollar, and the gross volume of direct investments from Kazakhstan to Great Britain for the same period equaled to 3,6 bln US dollar. In Kazakhstan there are around 600 companies in partnership with Britain. Businessmen from Kazakhstan go to Foggy Albion, too. The trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Great Britain, according to the customs statistics, in 2012 equaled to 2,3 bln US dollar, at that 1,7 bln US dollar was exported from Kazakhstan, and 0,6 bln US dollar was imported from Great Britain. Kazakhstan exports metals and metal goods, mineral commodities, machines and equipment. And Great Britain imports to Kazakhstan products of animal origin, machines and mechanisms, equipment and vehicles, chemical goods.

Charles Handrey noted another positive moment of the cooperation between Kazakhstan and Britain: since October direct flights Astana-London will be open. 

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