Belly Dance in English Style

What is common between the Oriental "belly dance" and Comparative Linguistics? Relationship seems to be the direct one.  Three years ago, the children's dance group Lyabeik from Karaganda became the winner of Kazakhstan’s Open Championship on Belly dance "Pearl of the Orient". They won in three categories: Solo-Juniors, Formation-Children, and Formation-Juniors. One of the dancer was a pupil of the specialized boarding school Murager Didara Katpina.

Time passed and this year the Miner’s Capital- Karaganda city hosted the Research Conference for the Pupils. And 15-year-old Didara won first place with her project “Idioms with animalisms in English, Russian and Kazakh languages". The young researcher thinks that dancing is important, but study should not be ignored as well.

Didara carries out scientific works on a variety of topics since the fifth grade. She defended projects in Maths, English and Physics. She regularly participates in the intellectual Olympiads of different scale: the Regional Olympiad in History of Kazakhstan - 3rd place, the International Olympiad in English and the "Golden Fleece" Olympiad - first places. And, of course, Didara is the permanent leader of Murager School team in the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” 

"I love to read, I like both classical and modern literature,” - writes Didara Katpina about herself. “I love animals, I look after my pets and have fun spending time with them. I am fond of languages and I like to develop my skills in different spheres of activity. I love participating in theatrical performances, and did this many times at school.

I am glad, that thanks to my abilities, I can help the people in need. I intend to become a successful, multifaceted, self-motivated and confident person to lead Kazakhstan to the future!"

We just have to hope that all dreams of our heroine will come true!

Photo: Courtesy of Didara Katpina

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