Almaty - a Retail Trade Leader

Almaty is the most attractive region for opening the new retail facilities. The financial center is a leader in terms of retail turnover. Over 9 months, 60% of the retail spaces of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been commissioned in the megalopolis.

According to, during September, the volume of retail turnover increased to 523.6 billion KZT. As compared to the previous year, the growth exceeded 20%. More than a quarter of the retail turnover accrues to Almaty

In September, an average retail trade check in the Republic of Kazakhstan was 30.3 thousand KZT, higher than in the last year. The most expensive checks are in megalopolises and in Karaganda Oblast. The average check in Almaty is 3 higher than the republic-wide average one.

The average retail sales per a square meter in Kazakhstan as of the end of 2013 amounted to 74.4 thousand KZT. The highest turnover of 224 thousand KZT was recorded in Almaty, which is 3 times higher than the republic-wide average one.

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