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Kazakhstan: the Country of Roads. This is predetermined by the size of our country. Hence, we can talk about our roads endlessly.  And everyone has something to contribute. Everyone has something to remember.

Today I would like to remind of the people, living near the Big roads. They perceive the roads not only as a method of shortening the distance, but also as an opportunity to earn extra money. They put a counter with their simple and environmentally friendly products at the road sides. The deeper reasons are not just selling something, but to show themselves, to stare at the cars, going towards both directions. And, of course, to earn some money, if possible.

Along-the-road commerce has a long since it became an attraction of our highways. One who travels a lot knows, for example, where it is possible to buy the fresh fish, smoked ham, fragrant steppe honey and the rough-knitted dzhuraby socks, made of camel wool. And I don’t not even mention all the fruits and vegetables, varying from season to season.

I know the car drivers who go to the Big roads on Sundays just to experience this again. To dedicate a day for a little shopping...

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