50 names of the future

Let the World know their names!

Children in Kazakhstan are talented, positive, and open to the world. Today many of those, whose achievements we have learnt about, make us amaze, admire them and be proud of them, and as for tomorrow, when our young talents grow up, they will become that center-piece around which there will develop successes of our country in a wide range of activities – in art, technology, science, sports... We would like to know their names and to tell everyone in our country and all over the world about them and their triumphs, and to help them develop their talents for the benefit of the whole Mankind.

50 Names of the Future, this name we’ve decided to give this public campaign on the Unique Kazakhstan website. With the help of all those Kazakhstanis who are concerned with this subject matter and who have something to tell us about the talented kids, we are going to make a list of the names of 50 gifted children and we’ll do our best to make sure that their names will be internationally acclaimed.

We invite everybody to join our 50 Names of the Future campaign and write us about talented kids from Kazakhstan, about their achievements and their hopes. We’ll work together for the sake of our future.

Terms of the campaign: Participants of this campaign can be children of age under 16, who have proved to be gifted and achieved high results in absolutely different areas: music, culture, science, sports, computer technology, etc.

Stage 1: Applications for participation will be accepted till the end of September, 2014 on the official pages of our website on social networking sites, and on Facebook pages as well, in the form of a little personal information about a child, his/her talents and accomplishments provided he/she already has them. Please attach photos and contacts for us to be able to get the confirmation and more detailed information.

Stage 2: Applications will be hand-selected, and the articles about the most surpassing young talents will be published on the Unique Kazakhstan website. The voting will take place directly on the website from October 1 to December 10, 2014, and the names that will collect the most votes in comments are going to be the winners of the 50 Names of the Future campaign. 

Finally, 50 names of the most talented kids will become known all over the world. We’ll draw the attention of appropriate institutions, sponsors and all concerned people to them to support and develop their talents. The winners will receive honorary certificates and presents from the Unique Kazakhstan website, and also from the partners and sponsors of the campaign.