1000 Tenge Banknote Is the Best in the World!

Kazakhstan banknote "Kultegin" with nominal value 1000 tenge is recognized as the best banknote of the year. It gets the award for two consecutive years now.

According to the National Bank of Kazakhstan, "The International Banknote Community at session in Lausanne (Switzerland) recognized the commemorative 1000 tenge banknote dedicated the Turkic ancient monument “Kultegin” as the best".

The United States dollar ($100 banknote), Euro (€5), Canadian dollar (C$10), Russian rouble (100 roubles), Brazilian real (5 reals), Libyan dinar (5 dinars) as well as banknotes of Iceland, Lebanon, the Solomon Islands, Barbados, Fiji were among the nominees.

According to the statement made by the contest organizers, Kazakhstan surprises the experts of the International Banknote Community with constantly increasing quality of banknotes and a high-grade security.

Also during the event, an exhibition showing the history of Kazakhstan development was put on.

Looking back, Kazakhstan has picked up its first award of the International Banknote Community in 2011 with the 10,000 tenge banknote devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Country Independence. The second award was received owing to the 5,000 tenge banknote from the Kazak Eli series released in 2012. The commemorative 1000 tenge banknote was recognized as the Best Banknote-2013.

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