The First Eurasian Construction Industry Congress

On December 2-3, 2014, Astana hosted the Eurasian Construction Industry Congress - the first global event in the building sector of the Eurasian Union. The founder of the Congress was the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan; the event organizer was an exhibition company KazExpoServis...


Almaty - a Retail Trade Leader

Almaty is the most attractive region for opening the new retail facilities. The financial center is a leader in terms of retail turnover. Over 9 months, 60% of the retail spaces of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been commissioned in the megalopolis.


Agriculture Sector in Kazakhstan: From Virgin Soil to the Present Days

This year it is the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the virgin and fallow lands development in Kazakhstan.


Special Attraction to Shymkent

South Kazakhstan region is one of the most densely-populated and fastest-growing regions of the country, as mentioned by the President Nursultan Nazarbayev during a meeting with the public representatives of the region.


Great Growth of Small Companies

At the beginning of Kazakhstan’s independence, the number of small and medium enterprises was under hundred and for today, there more than 100 000 small companies. The East Kazakhstan Region and Astana are leading this growth.


A real deal for business

On October 31, Almaty will host the first case-study conference in Kazakhstan- Online Advertising: Contextual Advertising and SEO for Business. It will focus on the most popular tools for internet promotion.


The serious ten-years date

A warm evening party, celebrating the 10-years anniversary of the Kazakhstani-British Association founding, took place in March in London and was full of the positive socializing.


Black gold of Kazakhstan

According to forecasts, the minimization of oil import, as well as securingfully thedomestic consumption, will be achieved by the State in 2020. What are theother oil forecasts and realities of the present day?


Heavenly sensation

Flights in a small sport airplane appeared to be incomparable as to its feelings to flights in huge airliners. And so, Erzhan made a simple decision: to buy a plane and to learn how to fly by himself.


Field news

Though this news summary reminds daily success report from Soviet Union era, however, a successful harvesting is a perfectly natural reason to be proud. Also, the full granaries show a very visible promise of prosperity.


Bread in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the third biggest grain manufacturer in the CIS after Russia and Ukraine. The export of wheat is one of the essential sources of foreign currency inflow to the economics of the republic.


The first-class cooperation

Kazakhstan does have something to surprise the world with. We always knew this. But the more pleasant it has been for us to hear the same opinion from the head of the global corporation VIP First Class, which represents its clients’ interests in the premium-service segment of tourism.


Luxe energy

Amazingly frank, good-minded and vigorous, he willingly shares his impressions despite the exhausting flight from Los-Angeles. In his first visit all his impressions are positive. And this despite the fact that according to the law – you know which one – he had to land in Aktau first. And just...


The source of my inspiration is happy people

Many of us have ‘a full-dress portrait’ and photos only for personal use. And the same thing is with our essence: celebrities have these two images, internal and external, often standing too far from each other. And only the most daring, or should I say, harmonious people don’t waste their time...


Kazakhstan wine up to the European standards

There is a new branch of industry developing at the south of Kazakhstan. This is a modern wine industry. A goal that is set before wine-makers is not at all petty: to move to the European level in the product quality.