I am absolutely certain that I have made a correct choice of my mission. I aspire to always remain my own self, even if I have to sacrifice something for the sake of it. I am convinced that one cannot strive to reach his goal by fair means or foul no matter how important it may seem. 


The Nature of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is situated in the very centre of the Eurasian continent and its territory occupies 2,725,000 sq. km, which makes it the ninth biggest country of the world. The country stretches about 3,000 km from the Altay Mountains in the east to the Caspian Sea in the west; and more than 1,500 km...


Golden deer of eternity

I got acquainted with the gold of Saks a quarter of a century ago, during the shooting of finds from Issyk burial mound for the museum booklet. At that place I met archeologists for the first time, and since then the history of Kazakhstan became the key subject in my work.


Flowers of the paradise gardens

Watching the eternal cycle of life - lush spring blossom and rapid fading of beautiful flowers, nomads believed, that only in the gardens of Paradise they bloom forever. The gold tulips, which archaeologists found in Tenlikskiy mound in southeastern Kazakhstan, are more than two thousand years...


The Shakpak ata cave mosque


Shakpak ata, an underground mosque, is a unique place worthy of the global attention, one of the most impressive monuments of Mangystau, a peninsula at the east coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan.


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