Filmmaker, artist, art analyst, camera-control engineer, teacher. 
Associate professor at the Department of the Motion Picture Art, Turan University, Almaty, RK. 
Member of the Filmmakers Union RK. 


One day I heard the following phrase from Tarkovsky’s movie: “Probably, the mankind exists just for the sake of creating works of art”. This statement defined something inside me and gave me confidence in what I did and continue to do. Since the age of 16 and up to now I’ve been trying to create all the time. ‘Creation’ is the favourite word of mine. 
I paint pictures, write articles and essays, make films and video clips, draw… since the age of 16 I am constantly engaged in depicting. I do it in art, movies, photography, teaching… Because I believe that the art of depicting is the most everlasting one out of all the kinds of art.


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