I am philosopher by training, many-years of-work sociologist, author of several guidebooks of Kazakhstan (in this concern I’ve learnt to be both journalist, and photographer, and traveler), travel agent and self-taught guide.

Now working as ecotourism expert in Kazakhstan Tourism Association (KTA).


Not to be office plankton! Any human is the who! He must not take his life as the burden, load, fate. He creates, does, acts. If I don’t like something, then I try to improve it myself. But one should act in a way not to do any harm to others and to nature. Kant called it categorical imperative.


I want to Kazakhstan!

I tell people abroad about Kazakhstan for 20 years. They started to get used to and recognize already. Now my German friends are asking my opinion about the proposal to rename Kazakhstan. "Cool humor" - says one. I want to explain to him that it is not humor, but keep quiet.


Space and Time Trip

Miracles do happen. I’ve been sporadically shooting bus stops in Kazakhstan for several years. And then I suddenly found out that I’m not alone in this strange hobby of mine. What kind of magic is in them?


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