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As an explorer-practitioner, I never write about things that I’ve never seen or experienced myself. I do not rush to places that ‘do not appeal’ to me and are  not familiar to me from the scientific reports of classical travelers’ expeditions. My travels are not just a flippant collection of new places, but my own ancient and exciting way of the world perception.

My professional principles are based on a package approach towards the geography, thanks to which it is possible to trace the way of interaction between civilization and environment and see those multiple and often invisible links that joined peoples and cultures for many centuries, creating one united population on the Earth. 


Steppes in bloom

Only an inexperienced and ignorant person can seriously call the Steppe monotonous and boring. Such a person just probably has never been to the steppe in spring. Because spring in the Steppe is… spring in the Steppe!


Eternal glaciers within the precincts of Almaty city

Residents of the south capital of Kazakhstan Almaty, who wish to visit eternal ice, have two alternative ways. Either to go as far as a few thousand kilometers to Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Zone (its glaciers are the closest), or to climb a few kilometers up to the mountains of Zailiyskyi...


The main tourist attraction of Almaty

Who in this land is the fairest of all? This question is unambiguously answered by every woman not devoid of self-esteem, but in the brutal men’s world it often becomes the subject of hot polemics and prolonged philosophical dicta.


‘Les parisiennes’ in our steppe

One of the best-informed steppe inhabitants researcher of the 19th century, Vassiliy Radlov, once wrote that Kazakhs “with all the good reason could be called the French of the Western Asia”. His statement was justified with the extraordinary sociable manner of the nomads, their love for fun and...


New Year with Mongols

Relationship of the Mongols and Kazakhs – two great peoples of the great steppe, is difficult to overestimate. Having a clear cultural and genetic relationship, using the same methods of managing, worshipping the same historical characters, Mongols and Kazakhs have one important fundamental...


Open Europe: Exhibition of Elvira Garnysheva


In these primaveral days Art Samal Gallery hosted a solo exhibition of Elvira Garnysheva. Perhaps, she is the most mysterious and unpredictable Kazakh artist. "Where the air is pinkish from shingles." The very name of the exposition sets up on something. And is not cheating.


(1) Secret Life and Death


Nikolay Veselovsky, an expert orientalist, compared the life of Valikhanov with a ‘flashed meteor’. It was such bright and brief. However, I would dare to compare his life with another, much more mysterious object, using the memorial-astronomical terminology. I would compare it with a comet. A...


Bicycle: Treacherous Friend of Almaty People

Despite the bicycle boom, Almaty city continues to be extremely uncomfortable for the cyclists, who simply do not have enough space in the non-adapted streets. Man in a saddle always causes a discomfort to everyone.


In Womb of the Black Mountains

All through my life, I have explored many kilometres of underground passages in the caves, old workings, catacombs, crypts, rocky monasteries and even in the pyramids. But my first visit to an operating mine happened in Karatau, a place, known for the phosphate production. Contrary to my...


All Along the Roads...

Kazakhstan: the Country of Roads. This is predetermined by the size of our country. Hence, we can talk about our roads endlessly. And everyone has something to contribute. Everyone has something to remember.


Happy New Year! I mean, Happy School Year!


Our southern capital is a city of students. It is not a simple coincidence that at the end of each summer, the number and quality of the city residents undergo the dramatic changes. The city is virtually filled with new people and getting younger from day to day! While there are the deliberate...


Sara the akin


“Is Sara here? Let her come forth, Birzhan Seri - the singer has come. Who comes near Sara in eloquence? But now her life is drawing to an end”.


Ustiurt’s national park

Usturt is a standart for the flatness and monotony. And a lifeless. This part of the caravan road to Khorezm, which was used for centuries to get faster from Volga to Central Asia, was considered the most difficult and dangerous. An uninhabited and waterless plateau, stretching from Mangishlak...


Wealth of medieval Talgar

Kazakh archeologists tried to strain Almaty age up to millennium (by conviction, not by common sense), but Talgar, a satellite town of the Southern capital, is over thousand years old already. And no one has any doubts about that. However, that Prototalgar is related to the modern one like, for...


Hero of the Kazakh steppes

Mukan Munaitpasov was awarded by CEC Presidium of the Kazakh SSR in 1927, and he got the title "Hero of the Kazakh steppes", he is mostly known as Qajimuqan. (In other years and other places he was called Yamagata-Muhanura, Kara Mustafa, Mahmut, Kara Ivan, etc.)



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