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The most popular tourist spot on Charyn is "Valley of the Castles". The most picturesque and original place of the Charyn canyon, because of which exists an obsessive comparison with the Great Canyon on the Colorado River in US. Daring weathered rocks are really resembled the bastions and walls of the medieval castles, but not to everyone.

What the installation is! Author!

The favorite activity of the children and romantic women is to seek out local rock for images, faces, guises, mugs, muzzle, snout, portraits, phiz and other. Followers of the Esotericism see in this abundance of the faces a manifestation of some "fine structures". But in fact, they do not have anything thin, just a lot of structures, or rather sculptures than structures. It feels like this is some antediluvian workshop where were sculptured alien heroes from unknown to us world. Maybe it is soldiers who died for unknown primitive idea, or maybe, the crew of the alien spaceship that landed badly.

Geography and iconography faces of the Valley have not been really investigated. That is why there is an illusion that "sculptures" appeared at the place of wild slopes themselves. Mystics are sure that this is true. Materialists explain everything by the simple play of the light. Well, well ...

And more, man (especially when he is alone) begins to experience a strange tension and starts to think that he is being watched at the bottom of the canyon. It is not a very pleasant and invigorative feeling. Perhaps a lab rat has such feeling, when someone placed it in the maze and forced to seek a way out.

Are wind, sun and water the forerunner of today's sculptors?

An old aesthetic hypothesis says that the examples of the first architects were natural forms of the relief. People admired natural creations and tried to imitate them in their art.

Indeed, if we look into relief of “dry rivers” that flows from the steep slopes of the Libyan or the Arabian Deserts to the Nile, Pyramids of Giza and famous sunny obelisks will become understandable. But the peoples of Mesopotamia had not such sights on the flat plain, so architectural imagination was not unique, unlike the Egyptians, they were satisfied by fragile and amorphous ziggurats, which came to us as swollen mountains of clay.

Although the hypothesis has more poetry than science, it explains the creative ecstasy, which flows into everyone who comes to admire Charyn Canyon; it amaze with a variety of geological monuments that were created by the architectural plan of Nature, with help of its proven sculptors - Water, Wind and Sun. Indeed, if we look for an analogue of human activities, the phenomenon of these exquisite and challenging geological forms is similar to the work of the sculptor, whose main task is just cut unnecessary pieces off from the selected blocks.

Clearly, a lot depends on the material itself, this is the reason of Charyn diversity. Clays, sandstones, shale, volcanic rocks produced a wide range of local forms, where imagination opens to you the Egyptian obelisks, the bastions of medieval castles, sagged sails of Hindu Gopuram, the ravenous battlement of Manhattan skyscrapers, the twists and turns of Chinese walls etc.

It is necessary to see it for yourself ...

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