Inspiration of Rain

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Alexey Utkin
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Rain is a phenomenon that means a lot more than just "rainfall". As though washing away souls of everyday fatigue and mud, rain gives inspiration encouraging to look at ordinary things from a different perspective, to open a marvellous new world outside the washed windows of houses and souls. Rain for ages was a fount of inspiration to painters, poets and musicians - hundreds, thousands of creative people all over the world.

Today we present to you the Almaty cityscapes, created by the prominent artist, Alexei Utkin, who depicts such different and equally beautiful rain, which gives inspiration and changes to the people and the world. He knows how to capture nuances of normal rainy day’s feeling, and he does this admirably. 

Vague silhouettes of people and cars, wet road, impressively blurred landscapes with the weather in tears are depicted naturally and poetically. Every picture evokes sensation of coolness and humidity, sometimes bringing sadness about the outgoing summer warmth and dreary feeling of coming cold weather.

However, bright spots of colorful umbrellas and glaring neon signs, washed housefronts and brightened sky caused by summer or autumn cloud-burst evoke the metaphoric feelings conveyed by Boris Pasternak in his poem "After the Rain".

Certainly, inspiration of rain spoke to souls of many artists. One of the most famous paintings is the Van Gogh's painting "The Road in Auvers after the Rain", and let us remember the wonderful landscape of Levitan "After the Rain. Stretch" depicting the beauty of Russian nature. And artist Alexander Gerasimov considered his painting "After the Rain" one of his best works.

Alexei Utkin’s works are very musical, looking at them you can literally hear the sound of rain, which transforms into a quiet melody, consistent with your mood. Not without reason musicians also sound praises to the Muse of rain. It should be noted that, as a rule, one and the same plot - anticipation of changes in life, which are sure to come after rain - often underlies such different literary, cinematographic, musical rain creations.

Look at the pictures and enrich yourselves with touching the miracle of creativity, and walk in the rain more often! Maybe, Muses dancing in its drops will be well willed to you also, and time will tell what area of life will be influenced by their affection!


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