The Unique Kazakhstan website is a global online magazine about Kazakhstan, an impressive glimpse of this country’s today – a country full of uniqueness. The project is meant for everybody who is eager to find out as much as possible reliable and attractive information about Kazakhstan.

The  Unique Kazakhstan website is a trademark of Kazakhstan. Any website visitor can find such loads of unbiased information that he/she will never mistake Kazakhstan for any other state in this region. On our website you can find a great number of pictures made by the best photographers in our country.


Our target audience is well-educated persons with the good taste and enthusiasm for all the beautiful things in the world of culture and art. These are well-to-do and established people with pro-active attitude and conforming financial capacity. We send our message to all who are interested in discovering new horizons for more knowledge and development. New beautiful places are of their interest; they seek for adventures and fresh impressions, they consider poorly explored markets for making more business; they search for information of high quality from sources they can trust.


The Unique Kazakhstan website represents the most amazing facts collected with all the love and care. Subsoil riches. People creating the atmosphere of action and progress. Legends born throughout history. Modern lifestyle. Authors’ works and pieces of art ‘Made in Kazakhstan’. Various events telling us about all the important aspects of our country’s life.

The website contains facts on distinctive culture, art, history, and tradition of all nations inhabiting Kazakhstan. Here you can see wonderful landscapes. See cities and towns of Kazakhstan and their tourist attractions. Find out all about global progress of the country and its citizens. And many other things.

We offer all the best that our country has in an appropriate exclusive package, and we are ready to meet your broadest interests. That is why the emotional design and up-to-date software of our website are adapted for mobile devices and are in full conformity with our ambitious aims and objectives. Our website has a daily update.

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The Unique Kazakhstan site was launched for visitors on March 15, 2014, and its popularity is increasing day by day. You have a free access for the website traffic statistics in footer.


The Unique Kazakhstan website is created as a high-class information portal about Kazakhstan, which may offer an interested target audience messages on forthcoming events both on public and state levels, data on goods and services of leading brands and companies of Kazakhstan or those wishing to enter the Kazakhstani market. See the following sections: Business, Projects, Priorities, Investments, Finance, Science and Technology, Industry, Made in Kazakhstan, Brands.


In the Unique Kazakhstan website you can initiate or support various actions that are to draw attention to any high-profile events – these are festivals, exhibitions, concerts, business conferences, charity events, etc. All this is going to raise an event organizer’s rating and this of the country in general on the external information space. See the following sections: Events, Kazakhstan in the World, Faces, Public activity, Entertainments, Culture.


The Unique Kazakhstan website, showing all the best things of interest to potentially active and well-to-do people from abroad, is aimed to positively and significantly influence the development of tourism in Kazakhstan. That is why the advertising of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, resorts, travel agencies, and other companies working for the development of domestic tourism very efficiently serves for the image of these companies and attracts prospective customers. For this matter, the website has the following special sections: Tourism, Ecotourism, Hunting and Fishing, Traveling, Lifestyle, Gourmand, Hospitality, Resorts, Tourist attractions, Health.


The Unique Kazakhstan website is an efficient site for the popularization of the contemporary and traditional art – it is the art that is the most advantageous means of communication in the world. See the following sections: Culture, Music, Theater and Cinema, Architecture and Design, Art, Handicrafts, Beauty and Fashion.


The Unique Kazakhstan website is a luxury show window for suppliers and producers of high-quality, unique and exclusive goods, artworks, elite property, etc. See sections Made in Kazakhstan, Art, Real Estate, Our Brands, Jewellery, Exclusive, Handicrafts.


While creating the website’s software, we have taken into consideration the maximum of possible variants of ad placement, both banner and search engine advertising. 

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We are going to work together for the sake of the unique country’s image.

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