About Unique Kazakhstan

Unique Kazakhstan is a global online magazine about Kazakhstan, a modern, cosmopolitan, geographically vast, resource rich, and the most politically stable country in Central Asia. Still terra incognito for the rest of the world, this website reveals the majesty, wonder, and unique character of Kazakhstan. Whether planning to visit, or conducting research, you will find the most up-to-date facts and data about our country. Discover the land of mythical legends and ancient history. Investigate our culture, art, and architecture, with both past and modern perspectives. Understand the unique customs and nationalities or our multi-cultured society. Explore our diverse ecosystems, natural resources, and breathtaking geographical vistas. Examine business and economic data; new science and technologies. Peruse attractions and events of our cities. Understand the impact of the Kazakhstani people and newsmakers around the globe. Portrayed with inspiring media and informative content, this website should inform, delight and awe. Updated content makes every visit a surprise to Unique Kazakhstan!

Why a “Unique Kazakhstan” site?

Kazakhstan, despite its progressive economic and politically stable status, remains unknown to the rest of the world, or wrongly associated with a third country “Borat” state as one of the “Stans” in the region. This website is meant to present the truly unique character, depth, and dimensions of Kazakhstan. A country of mythical legends, with a rich history, and a modern, progressive, tolerant, and multi-cultured society. A country of vast vistas, rich in natural resources. An economically growing and stable political state, with great potential to become a leader in the Central Asian region.


The most important objective of the project is to promote the image of Kazakhstan as a unique country with a rich cultural heritage, abundant natural resources, and a progressive society. The aim of the project is to invite interest in Kazakhstan from the world community, as an object of international and local tourism, and as a new region for business project developments and profitable investments. We intend the site to also encourage a new wave of ‘geo-patriotism’ among our fellow citizens, here and abroad.


The home page of the site is a monthly changing view of one of the breathtaking vistas of the Kazakhstan regions. The site is designed to be easily navigable with links to quickly find the information desired.

To promote the complexity and uniqueness of Kazakhstan the site will present:

• Demographic and ethnographic information about nationalities, cultures, and religions co-existing peacefully and tolerantly together in a melting pot of a progressive and modern country.
• Ancient artifacts of our many cultures. Historical landmarks and modern architectural achievements.
• Art works, artistic projects, performance art forms, photography, and literary works of note.
• Sports and leisure time related content about our teams, individual achievers, accomplishments, night life, and recreational pursuits.
• Diverse regional landscapes, their flora and fauna; explorations and discoveries.
• A tourism branch focused on the hospitality industry, generating a positive affect on the economy and social climate in general. Facts and attractions will be listed with links to cities and towns, featuring our best hotels and restaurants.
• Business information including enterprises, banks, real estate, and economic and natural resource data with their emerging trends.
• Precise and reliable information about Kazakhstan, as well as noteworthy achievements of its citizens abroad.
• Advertising will include well-known foreign brands represented in our country and unique Kazakhstani products and brands.

Some topics will contain static information about Kazakhstan such as geography, climate, nature, history, populations, landscapes regions, size and borders, traditions, cultures, and religions; presented in the best captivating format possible. Basic tourist information about cities and towns will be available, with links to popular sites and attractions. The site will contain demographics and economic data to help inform those exploring Central Asian opportunities to invest and expand. New content will be added on new and emerging trends, events, national projects, or as demographics change. The site intends to track national interests as well as Kazakhs placed and working outside the country borders to inform of the global scale of the Kazakhstani people.

Content Presentation

Information and data where possible will display stunning images, both photographic and video, as well as informative content with the opportunity to “Read More” for in-depth topics and information. 

Who will use the site?

Unique Kazakhstan is meant to inform an international audience about both basic information about Kazakhstan and present new and emerging trends. We intend the website to be a research and explore opportunity for a variety of audiences. But not a daily “news” site. Both English and Russian versions are currently available, with the intention of adding more languages in the future.

Our intended end user is affluent, modern and progressive. The tone of the site should appeal to those seeking adventure, new horizons, and attractive opportunities to visit, study, or invest. The site intends to be a high quality site, with information from trusted sources. The site will should appeal to tech savvy users and is adapted for mobile and tablet platforms presented in multiple media formats, where appropriate, with connections to social media networking such as Facebook and Twitter. The site will have some interactive capability with opportunities for end-users to suggest topics, offer comments, and ask questions of the site editors and staff. 




Do what you must do,
and come what may.

When you love something, you want others to love this, too. When you sincerely admire something, you must share your emotion with as many people as possible. If you constantly discover new wonderful worlds around you, it’s just necessary for you to enrich with these discoveries the whole mankind. These principally positive goals are goals of our project.»


It is experts of their occupation who develop the project of the Unique Kazakhstan website; they had accomplished a lot of successful and one-of-a-kind media projects. 

Editor in chief

Managing Editor


English version Editor

Lit. editor


English Translator



Designer, Photo editor


Materials for specific, historical, ethnographic, economic and analytical categories of the website are prepared with the help of scientists, explorers, analysts, and specialists that are competent in the given areas; or they submit their articles and other materials for the publication on our site by themselves.

Authors and photographers working with us on a regular basis have their personal page and opportunity to represent their own projects on the website, if they are in conformity with the content and conception of the Unique Kazakhstan website.

What you should do to become our website author, please see here.





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How to become the Unique Kazakhstan website author

If you have an interesting material (a photo project or an article) on some topic of the Unique Kazakhstan website, please submit this material or its brief description to our editorial office at the following e-mail address: editor@unikaz.asia.

Materials shall be neither edited nor peer reviewed. We shall give you a notice in case your material is approved by our editorial board for the publication on our website.

To become the Unique Kazakhstan website regular author it is necessary to submit to the website editorial office not less than 5 materials conforming with the categories and topics of the website. Should the editorial office accept your materials, please fill in the author’s profile to make your own author’s page. From then on you must submit not less than 3 materials per month for our website.

We invite photographers and authors of interesting projects aimed at the development of tourism in Kazakhstan to cooperate with us.

If you want to tell everybody about your projects on the Unique Kazakhstan website please write to us: info@unikaz.asia.